Dating Colombian Women: Everything You Need to Know About Día del Amor y la Amistad

Colombian women and men celebrate a lot of holidays. In fact, they even have their own version of Valentine’s Day. However, this particular celebration goes beyond just being romantic with your partner.

Día del Amor y la Amistad,or the Day of Love and Friendship, is a celebration where their partners hear Colombian flirting phrases. It’s also when their family and friends receive nice words, sweet gestures, and gifts.

With that said, find out everything you need to know and understand this celebration better when you meet Colombian single women in this article.

What Día del Amor y la Amistad Is

So, what is “Dia del Amor y la Amistad?” It’s Colombia’s unique take on Valentine’s Day, and it’s celebrated every third Saturday of September. It’s a tradition where not only couples but also their family, friends, and colleagues show how much they appreciate and love each other.

In many parts of the globe, this kind of celebration is held on February 14, known as Valentine’s Day. However, one of the fascinating Colombian culture facts is that Día del Amor y la Amistad, which is celebrated in September, has nothing to do with romance.

In 1969, merchant guilds changed it to this month since it could help them make more sales and improve the economy.

Amigo Secreto

Amigo Secreto or a secret friend is one of the unique traditions you need to know when dating Columbian women. It’s a practice similar to how other cultures do Secret Santa but with Colombian variations.

Children, families, and offices play this game wherein you need to randomly pick someone’s name from a bag and give them something on a day that everyone will agree on.

If you experience having a secret friend in Colombia, the twist is you’ll get a can every day with notes from the person who got your name. In return, you are expected to do the same. You also can give a list of gifts you want to get.

On the day you exchange gifts, you can bring food for sharing. Aside from that, two things could happen on this day. You only give a present to the name you got from the bag and wait for your gift.

On the other hand, things are different if you were asked to bring a gift suitable for men or women in advance. Then, all the presents will be piled in the middle, and you get the gift you want.

Another thing that can happen is you open the gift you picked in front of everyone, and another person has the chance to get your gift.

This leaves you in a situation to decide if you will steal somebody else’s gift or choose another one from the pile. This is called Regalo Robado or a stolen gift. Even though it seems unfair, it makes the tradition more fun and exciting.

What to Look Forward to on This Day When Dating a Colombian Girl

What you can expect on this day is consuming a lot of carbs and sweets and going out a lot. Of course, any day is a great day for going out and partying in Colombia. If you have a Colombian girlfriend, you can go on a romantic vacation, have dinner, give her a present, or play a song dedicated to her.

Depending on the given budget, you can also be creative with your gift. However, you don’t need to be too strict in following it. Colombians are very generous, so your Amigo Secreto will likely appreciate whatever present you give them.

You can purchase beauty products if you take part in a secret friend event at your workplace and haven’t established enough rapport with the person you picked. Aside from beauty products, you can’t go wrong with gift cards from department stores like H&M and Falabella.

Visiting a mall and buying something there is recommended. For example, going to Unicentro is recommended. If you have extra time, you can also wait for the shows they prepare on these days. However, you can enjoy events at a different mall since this is done virtually anywhere.

You can also try buying something from Rappi in case you forget to buy a present or you want to give a last-minute present to a Colombian girl you like. Rappi is an app offering special deals these days. It’s also well-known among couples in Colombia.

It would be best to remember that this celebration and tradition are incredibly significant to most Colombians. That’s why it’s best to make an effort to give something meaningful and lovely. After all, they might feel turned off if you don’t take the time to think about your gift.

However, you should note that the value of your gift is not what Colombians are after. That is because they know that you are not very familiar with them yet.

They will understand and appreciate your effort. You can expect to feel loved on Día del Amor y la Amistad, but the feeling isn’t as cheesy as how Valentine’s Day is portrayed in movies.

In Colombia, this event is for showing gratitude, happiness, and appreciation to the people around. Simply put, it is focused on enjoying life and bringing joy to your Colombian girl, family, and friends.


Finally, you better understand what Día del Amor y la Amistad is all about. Knowing this can help you a lot in the Colombian women dating scene.

After all, they will surely appreciate you trying to understand and embrace their culture. Valentine’s Day in Colombia isn’t only about romantic ties but also about sharing love with family and friends.