Understand Latin Women by Studying Their Brains

Women and men don’t think the same, which is not surprising at all. These differences are not only related to upbringing and culture. When you meet Latin women, you will surely notice that you have some different traditions and habits but you will also feel different when you talk to a girl from your country. Thus, you will always have to deal with some sort of differences between you and your partner. When you understand them, it will be easier to handle conflicts and get the best out of your time together.

Women’s and Men’s Brains Are Not the Same

Males have bigger brains than females but the size does not affect their intelligence; it is proportional to the body size. In fact, the brain size difference between sexes is smaller than in other internal organs. Men have bigger lungs, kidneys, and hearts than women.

The ways the brains of women and men function are similar but they are not the same. Now you can know why sometimes there are misunderstandings between you and pretty Latinas.

The hippocampusb of a woman’s brain is larger than a man’s. It is a region in the brain associated with memory and learning. On the other side, a man’s amygdala, a cluster of cells found near the brain’s base, is larger than a woman’s. According to a study at Stanford University, the size of the amygdala impacts the connections with other parts of the brain, especially those responsible for the perception and regulation of emotion. Further studies are yet to be conducted but the differences in volumes certainly affect the way you and Latin American girls behave.

Your Bodies Work Differently

Everybody knows that male and female bodies are different but not everyone understands how some factors affect behaviors. If you are dating a Latina and you want your relationship to last, you should learn more about her. You will understand some things you never understood before and it will make you more understanding and compassionate. If you use your learning positively, they can improve your relationship significantly.

Cycle and its importance

Premenstrual syndrome, known widely as PMS, refers to symptoms women can experience before a period. The clear cause of PMS is still not confirmed. However, the levels of progesterone and estrogen hormones drop during the week before the period. Three in four women get these symptoms during their lifetime; they are mostly mild but some females (around 5%) get severe symptoms, called premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). Ladies all around the world, including Latin American women, can experience mood swings, anxiety, and tiredness; they can feel more upset than usual and they can also get physical discomfort such as headaches, bloating, tummy pain, cramps, and more. All of that happens before the period even begins! When the menstrual cycle starts, a woman bleeds from her vagina for several days, while the symptoms of PMS are still troubling her.

What can you do about it? – Start by understanding that she will be easily irritated, more emotional, and physically weaker during those days. The myth of the Latin woman says that she is always passionate and gets angry quickly, which is not entirely true. Latinas are surely full of life and passion but they are not always angry and ready to fight. They are only, just like any other women, more sensitive around the period time. Prepare for it, be more tolerant, comforting, and softer than usual. She needs you and your support.

The intuition of Latin Women

Women are naturally intuitive. If you are dating a Latina, you may feel like she can read your mind sometimes. The truth is, she cannot. However, she can “read” things from your behavior. Ladies have a natural skill of reading non-verbal cues. Of course, some girls are more intuitive than others but generally, their intuition is better than men’s.

You can use this point to your advantage. Do not try to hide things from your girl. She will feel it and figure it out and you won’t even know how! When she catches you in a lie, she will believe you less and less. Why would you want to cause such damage to your relationship? Simply be honest with Latin ladies. Utilize her intuition in your favor; tell her things before she asks because that’s when she will already suspect or know them. Another benefit of her good intuition is that she will “read” your needs and make you feel nice even when you don’t ask for it.

Stress Management

Men usually manage stress by getting involved in escape activities. They like to get away from the situation and relax. On the other hand, when Latin ladies experience stress, they tend to seek support and talk about things they are struggling with. They mostly talk to their family, friends, and partners. Women process stressful events that way and it helps them think of what they could do next. Therefore, when you start a Latin woman dating, expect your loved one to talk to you about a difficult day at work or a fight with her friend. She will do it because she feels close to you and because she needs to feel better. As her partner, you should listen to your woman, give her a piece of advice if she needs it and try to make her feel better. Do not blame or make her feel worse, even if something is her fault. Be the support of your partner and someone she can truly rely on.