Does Dating A Colombian Girl Mean You’re In A Relationship?

Dating is a stage wherein two people spend time together without being committed to each other; conversely, being in a relationship with a Colombian girl means having a mutual commitment and foreseeing the future with each other.

Dating and being in a relationship seem identical. In fact, many people assume that dating someone means being in a romantic relationship with them, however, these two differ in ways more than one, especially in dating a Colombian girl.

Here are the key differences between dating and being in a relationship:

Dating is finding your similar interests

Dating is getting to know each other. This is a series of interviews, such as your favorite color, favorite pet, favorite food, most hated restaurant, and so on; and a series of life stories being shared with each other.

Presupposing that you are dating a Colombia beautiful woman, the both of you have to meet at some point and be committed in order to build a romantic relationship.

Being in a relationship means having a mutual connection

For a lot of people, dating is usually just being casual and not being fully committed to the other person.  Colombian women do not tend to be expressive but they do know what they want.

And, because both parties looking for the same thing is important in relationships, mutuality should be present. Thus, it is important to know whether you are in the same boat or not in that relationship when you first meet on Colombian dating sites.

The difference in communication

Being all in is necessary for relationships. When you are dating Colombian girls, your communication is limited: who you are, your past stories, and even the sides of you that you deem dark or unlikeable. Contrariwise, being in a relationship is also being comfortable with your partner in knowing the details of your day, why you are the way you are, how you sleep, the things that you are ashamed of, and overall, you. Colombian women tend to communicate through their actions; thus, you could understand them through their body language.

Being in a relationship means having trust and being fully committed

As they say, trust and commitment allow your relationship to grow and flourish. Being in a relationship requires having security, which as stated, is usually not present in dating for the latter does not necessarily require a serious connection.

The difference in priorities

Being in a relationship means putting your significant other above other things, may it be work, colleagues, or friends. They are at the top of your priorities. On contrary, when dating, you prioritize one another less since both of you are just casually dating and not taking it as seriously as people who are in relationships do. Women in Colombia are known to be compassionate; thus, they highly prioritize the people that they love.

The difference in expectations

When dating hot Colombian girls, it’s usually just all casual and there are no expectations to have a future with each other. In other words, it’s just spending time together to have fun. Sure, some may have expectations of being in a relationship with the other party but the expectations you have when you are in a relationship are a different story. When you are in a relationship, you expect long-term; you see both of your future lives in each other. In Colombian dating culture, Colombian women tend to look for something serious rather than casual.

Being in a relationship means being a part of each other’s life

When you are in a relationship with someone, you introduce him or her to your friends and family. This is a way of letting the person into your life and a way to ensure that you are sure about him or her. This is also the part where it differs from dating. When dating, people don’t usually integrate each other into each one’s social lives and they build boundaries.


Colombian women are alluring, romantic, and smart. Not to mention that they also place a heavy amount of importance on their culture and tradition. In dating a Colombian girl, the first date wouldn’t directly imply that the both of you are in a romantic relationship already, unless otherwise stated. It is important not to rush and let things flow and fall into place. Since Colombian ladies dating honest men, they are usually more into serious understanding than just having fun. After a set of dates with them and you successfully overcome the cultural barrier, have an understanding with one another, are both all in, and are both ready to commit, then being in a relationship may work.

Even if the definition of dating varies in different regions, the objective is just one of these two things: to just have fun or to be in a relationship.