Latamdate: Can Cheating in Online Dating Sites be Healthy for a Relationship?

When it comes to dating Latino girls, is there anything you can possibly gain from being unfaithful? When you’re interacting with girls in top online dating sites, are there benefits to having a partner who has a wandering eye?Latamdate,dating a Latina,


On one hand, it helps to explore the many possibilities of why anyone would think that cheating could be healthy for a relationship. For one, the possibility of being cheated upon motivates you to “up” your game by not being complacent about your relationship. You become more conscious about avoiding sloppy behavior when dating a Latina.

Second, it might also prevent curiosity from being the reason why your partner’s attention and affection would stray. Thus, by being exciting and interesting yourself, you get rid of the boredom and monotony that plagues the everyday routine.

Still, others justify infidelity as a possibility that you could arrive at a relationship with a Latina female that’s stronger and better than the one you had before. By better, they mean more open, more tolerant, and more forgiving than the former.

On the other hand, psychologists beg to disagree. Unfortunately, the best online dating sites say that anyone in their right mind would NOT consider cheating to be a HEALTHY part of their relationship.

This is as HONEST as it gets while Latin dating. Deep within our core and as part of our very human nature, there is the desire to love and be loved exclusively. When this primal need is breached through any form of infidelity, it outrages us. In an instant, it’s like happiness goes down the drain… With good reason, a normally calm, sensible, and rational person would get destabilized by the most powerful emotions of fear, hurt, and anger.

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To best describe it, psychotherapists refer to cheating as a BOMB that rocks the very foundation of the bond between two people. Hitting you right to the core, it makes you question the love, trust, and respect that exists (or used to exist) between you.

Among all three, relatively, it is TRUST which takes a hit when you’re online dating women. Why? This is because, for the aggrieved party, there has been a betrayal. The level of betrayal is such that it could put a strain on both physical and emotional intimacy. Whereas you felt carefree and relaxed with each other before, you now feel less safe and more vulnerable.

For pretty Latin girls who are cheated upon, it also makes them question whether or not they are enough for you. Causing them to lose their sense of self, they come to doubt their own capability and desirability.

Once cheating happens, you can no longer throw caution to the wind. Like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, you become more prone to feelings of insecurity, jealousy, and viciousness the next time around. Suspicions are likely to arise when you’re late to sign in, when you’re being secretive, and even when you look excited and happy.

Due to the distancing of your selves, there will be a gap between you. A disconnect has been created – a great divide that’s more difficult to bridge in so far as online dating for singles. As for cheating that happens within the marriage, attempts can be made to resolve it through personal counselling and couples’ therapy.

Therefore, before you toy with the idea of flirting with someone on Latino dating sites or cheating on your girl, examine the impact of your thoughts and actions. If you love someone, do not attempt to cause them grief by thinking that cheating can be a healthy part of your relationship.