Dating Colombian Singles: Red Flags in a New Relationship

In today’s digital age, it has become easy for singles to find love thanks to online dating. This latter allows one to find a partner with desired specific characteristics. Colombian singles, for instance, can be accessible.

Miss Travel Poll has found that Colombian women are the sexiest not only in Latin America but in the world. You, modern men, have the privilege to seek that beauty, easily.

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A new, fresh relationship tickles your happiness hormones. And being in a relationship with a beautiful lady brings with it a whole load of positive feelings and energy: now there is someone in your life. Loneliness is no longer the prevailing concern.

Colombian singles

Even though it is fun to attempt to discover the true self of the person you’re interested in, one cannot expect the relationship to be perfect from the beginning; it is a challenge to get to know someone who used to be a stranger on a deeper level without confronting misunderstandings, disagreements, differences in tastes, etc, especially when dating a Latina. This is almost inevitable when the relationship is young. However, some signs might predict its future; red flags that should burst the bubble of the new romance both online and in-person:

1.Not genuine

You don’t have to travel all the way to Colombia to find your Latina. A quick search on the Internet provides you with the top Latin dating sites allows you to meet sexy girls that charm you with their beauty, but it can also make you fall prey to scammers, especially when you seek to date foreign ladies. To attract users, many scammers on dating sites display attractive pictures of beautiful Latin women. But beware! Many of them are not real women; you might find yourself texting a bot. If the correspondence feels unnatural, if she’s being too romantic too soon, dragging sex into conversations, yes, it may be a red flag. You are probably wasting your time.

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2.Moving Too Fast:

Colombian womenEvery relationship, especially in the beginning, goes through different stages, and for it to be developed the right way, it is necessary to let it move naturally, slowly and steadily. Most long-term relationships take time. Let’s say you spent some time using the best online dating sites for serious relationships and you finally found the woman you click with. You get along very well, but very quickly can be unhealthy. Some signs that your relationship is moving too fast too soon is when the person you’re dating starts talking about moving in together after a few dates. Talking about commitment, marriage, and children, and hoping to meet your family and friends. However, you should keep in mind that Latin women, in particular, are family orientated, so introducing you to her family too soon is just part of “getting to know you” phase, so do no be alarmed, but introducing her to your family very early in a relation would probably push her away!

In a book entitled A Therapist’s Guide to Growing Free: A Manual for Survivors of Domestic Violence, the authors Deaton and Hertica describe pressure from the new prospect for a quick commitment as a red flag and a danger sign. It is a sign of insecurity and neediness.

3. It’s All About Them

After a journey on the best dating sites that eventually resulted in finding the potential “right one”, keep your eyes open and be attentive to the signs of the toxic selfish personality which is hard to detect when someone is interested in you. Selfish people love themselves and tend to manipulate situations to ensure that they end up with what they “deserve”. Here are some signs of selfishness: when the person you’re dating is very concerned about how you look in public when you are with them. When they comment on your weight or try to change you to look a certain way. You are not accepted the way you are. It might be because they want you to fit into the image they portray. They are not concerned about you, they are concerned about themselves, their reputation, and the opinions of others. Another sign is the way they prioritize themselves. Yes, it is the little things that matter! Do they ask you before choosing what to listen to on the radio? What to watch on the TV? Do they ask you where you want to go for dinner? If The answer is no then there is no doubt you are being taken for granted. Remember, There are beautiful single ladies out there, do not put all your eggs in one basket.


You should expect your Colombiana to be jealous, so you better change the direction if you spot sexy girls coming your way.

Excessive jealousy is a very serious and dangerous issue. Irrational jealousy can also be a sign of possessiveness which can even lead to violence.

As says David M. Buss in his book The Dangerous Passion: Why Jealousy Is as Necessary as Love and Sex, excessive jealousy is a sign of anxiety about the relationship. It is a sign that the person is self-conscious, has very low self-esteem, and does not feel that they deserve what they have, and therefore, they feel threatened to lose it very easily. The external world is dangerous for them because the real and even imaginary rivals in it shake their stability.

One of the signs of unhealthy jealousy at the beginning of a relationship is when they start to nag on how you spend a long time with your best friend or on the attention you give to your relatives. They try to render you socially disconnected so that they keep you away from anything that might attract your attention. You become owned by them.