How to Cope with Breakups and Find Hope Everytime

Breakups are difficult to go through. No matter how many times it happens, it never gets easy to accept that someone has rejected the idea of building a life with you; they have to move and you have to do the same. Moving on is probably the biggest hurdle once you have accepted that you have been replaced and there is no point standing in the same place and hurting.,Colombia Dating AgencyA 2011 study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, showed that rejection in love hurts because it stimulates the same areas of our brain as physical pain. This was concluded after conducting an MRI scan on 40 subjects who showed the same reaction to reaction as to physical pain proving that rejection and heartbreaks literally ‘hurt’.

This means that if you feel broken after a breakup, it is not because you are sensitive or weak, in fact, it is because your brain reacts to mental injury in the same manner as a physical injury and triggers similar hormones and somatosensory representation.

Is it impossible to get over rejection?

So, now we finally have the answer to why it hurts to be dumped, rejected or ghosted but still, this doesn’t help to make coping with it easy. Is it impossible to get over rejection? No. You can get over it by understanding why something happened, understanding the reason behind it and the best of all finding support in your family and friends. There is hope beyond rejection. You can start dating as soon as you get over your feelings. There are wonderful websites like which are ideal platforms to try when you decide to go back to dating and finding ideal singles for you.

When you get rejected and feel hurt, you have to understand why it happened and why are you feeling so bad. Start with knowing that we have socially evolved over thousands of years to hate rejection. We as a race simply cannot take no for an answer and it takes a lot of efforts to control how we instinctively feel. So, if you feel like you are drowning in your emotions and cannot exactly control how you are feeling, it is not your fault; blame evolution.

The Therapy

Relation therapists believe that when you get rejected, you should take a step back and see what you can learn from it. You should ask questions to yourself like ‘Is there anything about me that I need to consider?’, ‘Is there something about others that I need to change my response to’? According to the experts, this is a chance to grow and evolve rather than sit down and loathe about a situation. This is the time to embrace self-awareness and improving the chances of having a better next time. Turn your breakup into a learning experience and chances are you will never get hurt again.,online dating sites

Tough times are often difficult to handle alone and can be depressing without anyone to have your back. So, this is the time to find your tribe and run back to them. When you are surrounded with your loved ones, not only do you have a shoulder to cry on but you also get a sense of acceptance after you have been rejected. Spending time with family and friends will make you feel loved and wanted and will heal your ejected heart faster than you can mend in alone. So, never hesitate to find your tribe after a breakup and do not think twice before asking for help.

Last but not least, keep trying. Never let a breakup change your wish to find love because love is joyous and it is just a matter of finding the right person. So, after a breakup, take time to grieve, learn from your experience, spend some time with your loved and ones and then make a come back.

LatamDate offer a great platform to meet singles from various parts of the country and match with someone who fills your heart with joy. Being on a dating site after a breakup might feel awkward initially but over the time as you meet more and more like-minded singles, you will realize that maybe your breakup wasn’t your fault at all.

It is imperative to forgive after a breakup. Forgive your partner and forgive yourself because holding grudges will cost you more than you can imagine and will fill you with negativity. So, take your time, mend your heart and do find the grace to forgive and strength to try again.

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