Latamdate: Post-Holiday Depression: What Next and How to Bounce Back

After all the New Year confetti’s been swept away and the Christmas decorations have been taken down, WHAT NEXT? If you’re feeling a little down-and-out these days and if the weeks ahead seem to be a blur, then you’re not alone in this experience. Like most people who have been on an adrenaline high all throughout the season, you might be experiencing the post-holiday blues.

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Also known as POST-HOLIDAY DEPRESSION, this is a form of mild mental distress which is not at all uncommon. As a naturally-occurring phenomenon, it happens to a lot of people going through change. In this case, there is stress associated with a change in lifestyle. You are making a transition from a lifestyle that was once festive and exciting to one that you already know is going to be pretty uneventful and quite mundane.

Oh well. Since the holidays are clearly over and a new year has just begun, how do you bounce back from post-holiday depression? Here’s how you can overcome the blues and what you can do next to cope with the change:

  1. Get back into shape!

The trouble with all the indulgences you’ve made over the holidays is that you’re probably out of shape. You’ve indulged in too much food and heavy merry-making. At the same time, you’ve invested in little to no exercise. Without having eaten, rested, and exercised in moderation, your body and mind are way out of balance!

To restore this balance, you’ve got to cleanse your body from all the party food you wined and dined with. Detox your body by drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated. Forget about eating junk food; nourish yourself with fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods.

  1. Return to your normal routine.

Do you balk at the idea of going back to a routine? Difficult as it may be at first, you’d have to return to a more functional daily routine. Surely, re-establishing a routine involves schedules, chores, and yes, even work! The workplace may not be as stimulating as all the sights and places you’ve been to, but it’s that one place you can count on to get you to where you need to be.

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Since we all can’t be on holidays forever, we’ve got to realize that ordinary days are days which do lead up to the holidays we look forward to. Thus, it’s important to set your mind and heart on work, because that’s what will bring about the earnings and savings you need for those next vacation days to come.

  1. Create plans for the year ahead.

After all the holiday rush, you might be uneasy about how everything has suddenly slowed down for you. If you feel that there are signs pointing to a slow start to your year, then stop feeling let down. Instead, as early as now, make plans for the year ahead.

Without setting the bar too high, create specific and realistic goals that you’d be happy to achieve. Your resolutions for the year, these are goals to inspire you and give you greater meaning.

  1. Enjoy post-holiday time.

Now that everything has practically quieted down, see it as a chance to rest, relax, and recharge. A little less-crazy than it used to be, consider it a much-needed break in order to review your career, relationships, finances, and life in general.

To keep you in a bright state of mind, stay connected with family and friends. Surround yourself with a constant in your life, like a pet for instance. By finding joy in of all these plans and people that keep you going, you’ll soon bounce back and find yourself busy moving!