Latamdate: Tricks To Have A Conversation That Never Ends

We all know how it is without words. We all had this experience. Maybe he was a friend who was too excited about the Game of Thrones, a program that was so virile, but you never saw a second. Or it could be a colleague who continued to talk about his recent trip to Berlin, and you could not think of anything interesting because you’ve never been to Europe before.

Maybe he feels bad for himself. But the good news is that the solution to this problem is simple.

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Trick #1: Give short and simple answers. (Do not underestimate its power!)

It is true that every day we have so many conversations with many different people on so many different things that most people do not even remember what said.1 Moreover, many conversations should not be in the first place. That’s why it is good that I do not know what to say, because it is most likely that what you say or what you say does not count. The other person will probably soon forget it.

So why do we talk if our conversations are not important? The reason is that we want to feel connected with each other and talk to people helps us understand each other. The purpose of the conversation is, simply and simply, to continue the conversation. You really do not have to bother to find interesting or intelligent answers.

For example, if your friend even bother with a favorite TV show, but I have no clue what to say about it, just say if you watch TV but do not follow the program of the desired speaker program). Do not try to write reviews about television shows, so no matter if there are relevant comments to make. Feel pleasantly discussing anything and be happy to spend time with your friend!

Trick #2: Listen to what others are saying and try to associate it with something else.

Another advice is to join together to look at the current conversation for inspiration and talk about something else. It may be something that is interesting to you or you know, but it does not have to be related to what you talked about. Use your imagination to run and continue.

For example, if your colleague shares your travel experience in Berlin and does not know how to answer, try to talk about something indefinitely related. You can say something like: Berlin looks incredible! I heard you cannot go to Berlin and not eat Currywurst. But, hmm, that’s just sausage for me. By the way, do you know about this new and cool hot dog standing right around the corner? …

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Trick #3: Ask questions and let another person talk more.

You can also try to let the other person talk. For example, when someone tells you about Gothic architecture, but you do not know anything about it, try to respond with enthusiasm “Interesting!” Then ask more detail with open questions, For example, what do you think about the physics building at our university? I find it very old, but I’m not sure how it is compared to the Gothic style of the Cologne Cathedral it not only shows that you respect another person, but you also like to talk to them. People will be mostly happy to be interested in what they say and want to share with you.

Trick #4: Share your little stories with others.

But if you really deal with all of the above and if you find yourself in an unpleasant silence, do not panic: you can always share something about yourself. You do not have to worry about a trial or something.