How Attention Bids Can Save and Improve Your Relationship with Latin Women

If you have been on social media platforms lately, you must be aware of buzzwords from Latin women like red flags, toxic relationships, and love bombing. While it is good to be aware of those things, there are other things you should know in a relationship: attention bids.

Paying attention to these bids when you are dating a Latina can take things to the next level. In this article, we will discuss everything you should know about attention bids, including what they are, what benefits they can bring to your relationship, and how to respond to them.

Understanding Attention Bids

Do you remember that time when you were in a mature Latina dating stage and your partner saw a cute dog on the street and told you about it enthusiastically? Or, that time when she sent you multiple memes during working hours? That’s the easiest way to view what attention bids.

Put simply, attention bids are the attempts one makes to create a connection with his or her significant other. This term was first coined by the relationship expert institute, Gottman, and it was based on research-based principles.

Attention bids come in various forms, both verbally and physically. They can be as simple as a hug or can become a little bit more elaborate like a request to help with a certain task. They may also come in various tones, ranging from playful to serious.

Sharing an accomplishment, asking for thoughts on a recent event, telling a partner about your work problem, initiating physical touch, or even expressing concerns. These are all examples of attention bids. And, you should not ignore them if you want to be with a Latin woman.

The Importance of Attention Bids

People, including Latina ladies, often use attention bids to achieve these goals: attention, affirmation, and affection. On top of that, when one’s effort to get attention gets noticed and responded to, it will deepen both emotional connection and trust in a relationship.

The response we give to our partner, essentially, makes her feel like she matters. More often than not, there is a reason why your partner usually makes such an attention bid. Even if it is subconscious, her need for attention needs to be fulfilled.

One of the most common reasons is she feels underappreciated. Another popular reason is she feels the need for a stronger connection with you. And, there is also a chance that she feels a little bit playful and wants to flirt with you.

The important thing here is that ignoring these bids can result in a catastrophic result. She may feel like she is being rejected. And, when this keeps happening, it may lead to her feeling unloved and it may result in a divide in your relationship.

Worst-case scenario, your partner may seek out another figure that can offer her the positive response she needs. On the other hand, constantly making an effort to respond positively to these bids will do you a big favor since it gives you credits in her emotional bank account.

Responding to Attention Bids

The attention bids given away by your partner are sometimes too subtle, making it hard for you to respond in the right way. Lucky for you, we have rounded up several tips to help you figure out the right approach to responding to your partner’s attention bids.

1. Turning Towards

Turning towards means you acknowledge the bid and respond to it in a positive manner. If she throws a joke, you can laugh spontaneously at it. Or, if she tells you that she had a hard day at work, you can give her a long and warm hug.

Telling her that you are there for her can also be a good way to show that you pay attention to her needs. You don’t even have to do it in person. Doing this on a Latino dating app is fine. Regardless, turning towards an attention bid will often lead to a stronger connection.

2. Turning Away

Turning away simply means that you outright ignore the attention bid. Saying nothing when your partner shares her vulnerability and seeming distracted when she makes an observation are examples of it. Though it isn’t always intentional, it is not recommended to let it continue.

3. Turning Against

You should not confuse turning against with turning away. When you turn against your partner’s attention bids, you don’t just ignore them but you attack those efforts made by your partner instead. These are, without a doubt, very harmful to your relationship.

One example of this is getting annoyed when your partner tries to wrap her arms around you. This usually happens when we are stressed or super busy. Nonetheless, it needs to be avoided because it can lead to many things from miscommunication to break-ups.

The Takeaway

Connection is an inherent need for humans. And, there are so many things we would do to fulfill it. When it comes to your efforts to meet Latin women and impress them, things come down to whether we are aware of these attention bids and how we respond to them.

Clearly, our approach to our partner’s efforts to make a connection with us can either build a warm intimacy or completely destroy it. So, if you want to successfully learn how to date a Latina, following the tips on attention bids above can be handy for your relationship.