How to make a long-distance relationship work

No relationship is easy, whether a relationship in which you see each other every day, or a long-distance one. Effort is required in any kind of relationship, but if you’re committed enough, then distance won’t affect you.

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1) Stay in contact

The key to a long-distance relationship is contact. You don’t have to always speak to each other for hours at once – frequent communication will show that you’re always on her mind, and that you’re putting time and effort into the relationship. You want to be up-to-date with your companion’s life as much as possible. If possible, stay in contact throughout the day. If you’re busy, let her know, and try to work around your schedules. If you’re quite free but they’re busy, keep yourself occupied with things you’re interested in.

2) Talk about everything

Not all your conversations have to be full of thought or lengthy discussions about interesting topics. Talk as if you’re actually physically together, about the little things in daily life, as if you’re living together, doing things together – like doing the shopping, housework, putting up Christmas decorations etc. Always be there to support her when in need or in trouble, show that you care and don’t let her deal with important issues alone. Really get to understand your companion, take a note of the things she likes. This will make buying gifts easier when you meet up.

3) Visit often

Try to visit each other as often as you can, at every opportunity. Make a regular schedule when to meet, and plan your next visit as soon as this one ends. Plan together what you’re going to do and make sure you use your time effectively. Plan every details of your trip beforehand so that the trip runs as smoothly as possible. You can also leave some of your belongings at each other’s home – something with memories you both share or something with your smell. Sometimes meet away from home. Somewhere you both have never been before – so it’s just like a holiday for the both of you.

4) Do things together, at the same time

Do or create something together, something you can both access and share, like an online blog. Use a shareable calendar to you can see where you both are. Learn new things together, so that you a new shared hobby you can talk about, something that can tie you together. Do things at the same time, like cook at the same time, watch the same movie at the same time while on the phone so you can share reactions. Watch each other eat via a video call. Doing all these things can make you feel closer and bond more.

Follow these tips and you will have no trouble finding a companion for a long-distance relationship!