Latamdate: Generational Dating Differences Among Latin American Women

Latin American women have been very popular especially in the dating world. This is due to the mainstream media’s increasing exposure to the beauty that is Latin American.

Whether or not you are in it for the long run, dating may be found tricky. This is especially true if you are planning to date a Latina who’s from a different generation. What are these dating generational differences? How do we work around them?

Latin American women

Latin American Culture

Before we dive into the dating practices of Latin American women, let us first have their major cultural differences for which you may want to be ready:

  • Traditional gender roles

Although we live in a globalized society, there are still some who practice and/or prefer these traditional gender roles, like being submissive and supportive all the time. This is apparent, especially in older generations, but becomes less so as we move toward the current generation (Gen Z). Finding out your date’s view on this matter will be of great help.

  • Family ties

While this differs from case to case, you will still notice that many pretty Latina ladies have sound ideas and stands when it comes to family. Like gender roles, this also recedes as we get closer to the current generation. Keeping this in mind will aid you, especially if you’re in it for the long run.

  • beautiful Latina girlsReligion

Latin American’s religious attachments also vary from generation to generation. However, you would notice that most of them have a distinct religious affiliation, especially compared to other western cultures. Being prepared to have a conversation about religion may prove itself vital to shaping a relationship with a Latin American woman.

Generational Differences

Keeping in mind the aforementioned factors, let us move on to the generational differences when dating a Latina:

Baby Boomers (Birth Year: 1946 – 1964)

Baby boomers are the most conservative of all the generations. You could assume that all the three factors we’ve discussed apply to them completely. However, baby boomers in the dating field may be a bit different. These people tend to have no time for short-term relationships, though you may find a handful that is only there for casual dating.

If you’re planning a date with a baby boomer, you may want to consider having a constant but casual chat with her a few days prior to asking her out. Baby boomers also tend to be more thoughtful with their words, so make sure to be attentive when inviting them out. Speaking of inviting out, you may want to give her a call, as most of the baby boomers prefer a call over a written invitation.

This generation also favors coffee dates over dinner dates. So, if you are going on a date with them for the first time or unless she tells you otherwise, go for a cup of coffee. After a date or two, you may consider asking her out for dinner.

Generation X (Birth Year: 1965 – 1976)

When it comes to online dating, generation X are inclined to have more profound conversations. A study says that 80% think that social media aids in strengthening their relationships. Most of them are also traditional, but those who live in the city are less likely so.

Going on a first date with a Gen X might be a coin toss: some think that the man should pay, some prefer 50-50. So, unless discussed beforehand, be prepared to do both. It may also be worth mentioning that Latin Americans like to eat when they eat. Some may consider it a letdown, so you should know early on that they may eat a lot and set your expectations adequately.

Pretty latina girls of Gen X are confident; most of them acknowledge the skin they’re in. You should never forget this when you’re out to meet Latinas of this generation.

Colombian ladiesMillennials/Generation Y (Birth Year: 1977 – 1995)

Millennials have a lot on their plate. They are at the age where life flails numerous responsibility at once: how to start their career, how to pay their student loans, how to adapt to the current economic state, etc. These tend to reflect on their dating habits.

Millennials are much more meticulous when it comes to online dating compared to other generations. Hence, you should expect to see a detailed online dating profile from a millennial. Coffee and ice cream dates are also a good idea when you’re still in the early stage of dating. This gives both of you enough time and opportunity to learn more and figure out if your relationship would be a worthwhile investment.

To meet beautiful Latina girls of generation Y on dating sites is easy, because most of them use online dating apps. Most women probably value security and stability more than physical appearance in a partner. If those are qualities you offer, you should have an edge in dating them.

Generation Z (Birth Year: 1996 onwards)

Gen Z, or the most recent generation, is the most flexible in terms of dating, especially online dating. Basically, as long as you meet the core qualities they are looking for, you’re already on their ‘yes list’.

To more than half of them, it doesn’t matter who makes the first move. They will take the initiative should they find you interesting. Since they are the youngest generation, they take their time and don’t rush things: simple coffee or ice cream dates are in over dinner dates.

This generation prefers written communication like texting or imessage over phone calls – expected or unexpected. Gen Z is relatively young. Thus, casual dating is more common to young Colombian ladies of this generation.


Some might think that dating Latinas is different. It may be true to some extent, but ultimately, Latinas, like everyone else, expect and deserve respect and thoughtfulness. Regardless if you are seeking to date Argentinian or Colombian singles, treating them with genuine respect and care will prove to be advantageous.