Latamdate Ladies Are Winning the Fight Against “Quarantine 15”

Latamdate is a well-established, fast-growing Colombian women dating site that encourages users worldwide to avoid Quarantine 15. For readers that are not familiar with the term, Quarantine 15 refers to the 15-pound weight gain in quarantine that a high percentage of quarantined people are experiencing. The weight gain occurs as a consequence of self-isolation and stress. People tend to overeat and be less active physically, which inevitably results in gaining weight.

Colombian singles decided to take things in their own hands to stop Quarantine 15 from becoming Quarantine 25! Latamdate has an impressive number of registered users, young ladies that are not only decisive to stay fit in quarantine; they also invite new users to do exercise and practice healthy habits in quarantine.

Latamdate’s Plan Against Quarantine 15
Sexy girls Colombia is the main association with Latamdate. These beautiful ladies intend to encourage users to do exercise in quarantine. However, they do not simply give a brief speech about how to stay fit; they show Latamdate users how to do that! Latamdate has a list of advanced features that members use for video and voice calls. In this case, these options will serve to motivate and show users how to stay fit and healthy in quarantine!

Wonderful Colombian women seeking men that are keen to take the advantages of this site in their favor; these ladies are willing to show their skills and knowledge on camera. Some of them do live workouts for Latamdate users; some record videos for YouTube and share them on Latamdate; some ladies are encouraging men to do exercise via voice call and some are simply writing textual motivation speeches! In any case, these girls are decisive to prevent Quarantine 15 effect and they have been doing a great job so far.

Working for the Great Cause
Latamdate has been serving the same purpose for years – helping people across the world meet Colombians online. They keep the platform fresh by frequent updates, implementations, and adjustments. In this case, Latamdate focused on improving user experience and providing useful options for people in quarantine. Girls on the website follow the encouraging intention of the site’s developers so they are more than happy to be helpful and win the fight against Quarantine 15.

Profiles of Girls on Latamdate


Latina women dating-Daniela

Daniela is a light-hearted, kind, loyal, family-oriented girl that loves to feel sexy and she doesn’t hesitate to show it. Colombian women are very feminine and Daniela fits that image perfectly. She likes heroic men and hopes to meet one that she will share a fairytale-like life with.


dating Latin girls-Helem

Helem is the real representative of the hot Latina spirit that these gorgeous women are known for. She lives for joy, warm nights by her significant one, and adventures across the globe. She is still waiting for her ideal man. Quarantine gave her more time to be active online and she is truly hoping to meet a man with similar interests.


Colombian beauties

As an independent woman with great intellectual abilities and character, Melissa achieves everything she sets her mind to. In quarantine, she set a goal to get the perfect body she wanted and she achieved it. Now, she is striving to meet a man that is as determined as she is. Melissa is willing to help that man stay away from Quarantine 15 and show him the powerful effect of hot Colombian ladies.

Meeting People Online is the Smartest Activity in Quarantine
The fact that people from all continents have limited movement connects everyone on a whole new level. In the past few months, people have been spending more time at home than they ever did before. They slowed down their fast lives and dedicated to calmer activities that they didn’t practice before. One of those activities is meeting people online.

Latamdate is a Colombian singles dating platform with a large base of active users. In quarantine, we can either let the stress get the best of us or get the best out of a stressful situation! The second option is certainly smarter and more productive. Without going out, users of Latamdate can meet Colombian ladies that will help them stay healthy, fit, and perhaps open new dating opportunities they couldn’t even imagine before! After the end of the lockdown, users that used this chance will have many things to look forward to. Some of them may even visit Colombia to meet their online date straight after.

Accessing Latamdate
Latamdate is very simple to use and easy to navigate. If your goal is to find a quarantine companion that will help you prevent Quarantine 15, you need to do is access the website and set up your profile. The whole site is self-explanatory. You need to enter the required information that will help the matchmaking system find perfect matches for you.

You will meet Colombian girls safely in social distancing. Share your concerns and experiences with women that you connect with. The more you talk, the less you will think about food and even without exercising, you will not gain as much weight as you would if you spent time alone and bored. Afterward, your match will encourage you to follow healthy habits that you can implement to your lifestyle even after the quarantine is over. Do not waste your time and don’t let Quarantine 15 come close to you. Join the new trend and stay fit in a good company.