Latamdate: Latina Women Love to Party in September

If you’re planning a trip in September, you need to visit Colombia. September is an awesome time to experience the culture and party atmosphere in Colombia. Latina women flock to Quibdo for the San Pacho Festival. Although the festival is not technically until the end of the month, the people of Colombia enjoy a carnival atmosphere all month long. If you are heading to South America this fall, this is something you definitely want to take in.

September is also home to the Salsa Festival in Cali. Over 5,000 dancers travel to the city to celebrate salsa dancing in what is known as the salsa capital of the world. You will get the chance to salsa dance with women looking for men with great salsa moves.

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Colombian Women Live It Up in Quibdo

There are cultural events and festivals all year long in Colombia. However, one of the most under-visited parts of the country is Quibdo, which is the isolated capital of the Pacific department of the Choco.

One of the hidden gems of Colombia, Quibdo turns up in the fall. One of the biggest parties of the year takes place there every September. It is called the San Pacho Festival. If you are a gentleman traveling alone to Colombia, you will enjoy the number of women seeking men at the San Pacho Festival.

San Pacho Festival

Every year, the streets of Quibdo see floats and revelers as the locals and tourists celebrate St. Francis of Assisi. Starting on September 20, the people of Choco flock to the streets in costume to celebrate.

The atmosphere is that of carnival. Enjoy scantily clad Colombian girls looking to enjoy the hot nights during San Pacho. Women dance and party the night away wearing carnival type of costumes. There are beautiful women everywhere you turn – on a float, in the streets and drinking at the local cafes and bars.

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World Salsa Festival in Cali

Not to be outdone by the San Pacho Festival, there is the annual World Salsa Festival in Cali. Columbia is known as the Salsa capital of the world. What better place to host the World Salsa festival?

Spend the weekend in Cali and get a chance to see some of the hottest Latina girls perfect the art of Salsa. Over 5,000 salsa dancers come from academies and dance groups all over the world to celebrate Salsa in Cali.

Nobody does Salsa like local Colombia women. If you are looking for a Latin lover to help you enjoy your vacation, you may just find what you’re looking for in Cali. Hot, sweaty bodies swaying to the notes of Salsa music – the perfect combination for allure and sensuality.

Consider Joining a Dating Website for Your Trip

If you’re traveling alone, there is nothing wrong with turning to a dating website to meet your perfect mate in Colombia. There are plenty of gorgeous Colombian women looking to meet an attractive, adventurous man. You can join a host of different websites from the convenience of your home or airplane.

Colombia is known for its sensuous and free-spirited women. If you are looking for a companion to dance the Salsa with, you will have no shortage of spicy, Latina women to choose from. Brush up on your Spanish before you head there so you can engage in captivating conversation with your senorita.

Unlike a lot of places, Colombia does not die down in the fall. It heats up. With the San Pacho festival offering a carnival atmosphere and the World Salsa Festival, there is plenty to keep you busy.