LatamDate Reveals First Impression Matters a Lot When Dating

Are you still nervous about your first date with your crush? If you are, you don’t need to worry, because, in fact, your crush’s first impression on you has already roughly been established, even though you haven’t met each other yet.

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According to reports, as the Internet spreads around the world, more and more people use search engines and social media to check out their date before actually going on their first date. “We found that 88% of people have researched and probably 2/3’s of people are researching their dates on a regular basis,” states Andy Kerns, Creative Director at Digital Third Coast. So why do people do such thorough investigations before going on their first date?

  1. Blind datesmake people feel anxious and have more uncertain factors.
  2. Curiosity –people want to spy on the other person’s life before seeing the real person, so they can know more about the other person before they do, putting themself in a more favorable position.
  3. It increasesthe success rate ofdates – 40% of respondents of the report canceled dates because of what they found out on the other person.

However, among those surveyed, a number of them mentioned that taking a glimpse led them down the wrong path. “One of them I did Google and when I googled I accidentally found the wrong man so if I had not gone on the date based on that I would have missed out on the experience”.

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When you’re in search of a match on LatamDate, you should also check out your potential partner’s biography. What they mention in their personal profiles play an important role in helping members decide whether or not they have found the right person. Other details that can help you find a better match include their year of birth, zodiac, weight, height, whether they smoke or drink, level of English, religion, education level, profession, whether they were previously married or have children, more. You can also see what their interests are, and, if you both have answered the Match Q&A, you can find out what you both have in common.

Taking a good look at a potential partner’s personal profile before starting to get to them can save you a lot of time and filter out those you know you won’t want to date. Happy dating!

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