Tips to Impress a Colombian Beauty Without Trying Too Hard

If you use the wrong ways to impress a Colombian beauty, you could make her dislike you! Usually, those that try too hard to impress someone, never really do it. They can even seem false and desperate! To avoid that, you need to know how to impress a girl in a natural, romantic way. You need to stand out from all her suitors and show her why you are the best!

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Approach Girls on Dating Chat Sites Effectively

The first impression is extremely important! You need to approach Latina girls in a gentleman manner so you can impress them immediately. Being interesting and talkative will make them want to talk to you again for sure.

Do not:
– Say only “hello”
– Be sexual
– Comment only her looks
– Compliment her excessively at the beginning

Go through the dating profile of the girl you like. Read every part of her bio, look at her photos attentively; when you find something that you could talk about, use it. For example, she may have photos with her dog or “dog lover” in her description. Your first message could be something related to that! The same applies to travel, her job, hobbies, etc. Whatever serves to start an interesting conversation.

Be Respectful to Your Colombian Beauty

Respect is one of the most impressive things for women. They love to feel the respect of their partners; consequently, they give the same respect in return. It will take some time to chat with Colombian girls completely relaxed. That’s because these ladies need time to figure men out. They want to see if they respect them and if they are trustworthy. Frequently, some users on the internet tend to be nice at the start and then show a different side after. For that reason, women are typically more cautious than men. You need to be respectful to your lady. Not only how you talk the first time but along the way as well.

Do not:
– Insist on photos and videos
– Talk to her disrespectfully
– Disrespect her privacy
– Ask her to tell you more about herself than she wants to

You need to be patient with gorgeous Colombian girls. They like to share things about their lives with their partners. However, they cannot do it quickly. When she realizes that you really do respect her, she will be very impressed! It will make her tell you everything without even asking.

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Be Mature

Latin women seeking men on dating sites love maturity and stability. Seeing that you have a firm attitude and that you know what you want will attract them even more. As a part of your maturity, you must be understanding and open-minded. Thus, you will respect her past and look into the future. As a mature man, you should be good at solving problems and carrying a conversation.

Do not:
– Act immature to impress a younger lady
– Make inappropriate jokes
– Talk and make promises without backing up your stories with actions
– Act too tough

All the examples written above show immaturity and make you try too hard. They make you less attractive and make you lose authority. Do the opposite! Be yourself; make actually funny jokes; do not make promises if you will not keep them and let yourself be vulnerable!

Be Fun

There is nothing that impresses single Latin girls more than quality time with people they like. Think of an interesting way that could entertain your girl. Whether you want to watch a comedy show or have some fun on the camera, something interesting should keep your relationship alive! Your conversations shouldn’t always be serious. Instead, you can relax 100% and talk about funny events or share stories. Those kinds of talks will bring you closer and make you grow stronger feelings. Your ability to have fun even without being physically together will impress your lady immensely! It will make her think about an amazing time that you will have when you meet face-to-face. Be creative.

Learn About Her Culture

Beautiful Latin American women stay loyal to their origins and keep the love for their countries wherever they go! If you show interest in her culture or language, your girl will appreciate it very much! Before even talking to ladies from Colombia, you should do some research about the country. You will learn that Colombia has more impressive things to be recognized by than Pablo Escobar! When you read more about it, you will have more topics to discuss with your woman. Not only that will make your relationship more interesting; it will make her trust you more because you will look very interested in her.

Learn Some Spanish

Basic Spanish words could be a great conversation starter! Also, using Spanish romantic phrases is a unique way of flirting.

– Hi, what’s your name? – ¿Hola, cómo te llamas?
– I see that you also like surfing! – ¡Veo que a ti también te gusta el surf!
– Wow! You’ve been to so many countries. Did Coronavirus manage to keep you at home? – ¡Guauu! Has estado en tantos países. ¿El Coronavirus logró mantenerte en casa?
– Can you help me learn Spanish better? – ¿Puedes ayudarme a aprender español mejor?
– Would you be my guide in Colombia? – ¿Serías mi guía en Colombia?
– My eyes are full of desire to see you – Tengo los ojos llenos de ganas de verte.
– I wish I was with you now. – Quisiera estar contigo ahora.

Use the phrases according to your level of closeness with beautiful Latin American ladies. Start with the first and use more romantic sayings as your relationship develops!