Toxic and Healthy Fighting When Dating Colombian Women

If you are looking for Colombian women to date, it is easy to think that getting into an argument is unhealthy. Truth be told, fighting with your partner in a relationship is a normal thing. Fighting is a sign of a healthy and productive relationship, as long as it is done in a respectful manner. Arguments can help strengthen your bond and bring your closer.

But how do you differentiate a healthy disagreement from an unhealthy one with a girl you just met on a Colombian dating service? Below are some techniques that will help you distinguish between healthy arguments and toxic fights.

Toxic Fighting

Below are some characteristics that show a fight is unhealthy when in a relationship with Columbia ladies.

  1. Unable to Resolve and Manage Conflict

If you and your Colombian girl are unable to manage the differences between you, this can lead to more resentment. As the conflict and resentment grow, your fights may get toxic. So, instead of coming up with an effective solution for your problem, things get worse.

  • Arguing About More Than One Issue

If you start with one disagreement and jump to another issue at the same, the argument is unhealthy. This is because you are unlikely to get into the root cause of one problem and solve it, creating a cluster of issues.

  • Name-Calling

In most cases, emotions can get really high during an intense argument. However, your fights can get toxic if the conflict involves name-calling and insults. In this case, you are constantly criticizing your partner or they are constantly criticizing you.

This can involve saying hurtful words and making disparaging comments about the other person’s appearance, worth, and other sensitive information. Not only does name calling lower the self-esteem of Colombia ladies, but it can also make the fighting get toxic really quick.

  • Emotional Abuse

Similarly, emotional abuse during fights is equally damaging to a relationship. When you or your partner uses each other’s vulnerabilities during an argument, then your fight is toxic. This is because emotional abuse focuses on attacking your partner’s vulnerabilities, making it very difficult to resolve the argument.

  • Physical Abuse

You know that your fights are getting toxic if physical abuse is involved.  This can be displayed if your arguments get really heated, you get very violent, swear at each other, break items, and even swear to harm each other. Any kind of physical aggression, whether hitting, pushing, slapping, or kicking, is unacceptable and can be damaging to your relationship with Colombian women.

  • Negatively Impacting Your Character

Do the fights make you more self-centered, manipulative, violent, or deceitful? If so, then your arguments are toxic and have a negative impact on your character.

  • The Fight Escalates

Sometimes, an argument can escalate and reach the boiling point. In this case, you or your partner are yelling, cursing, swearing, and becoming quickly agitated. If you don’t take a break at this point, the fight can get toxic and you may be unlikely to solve the problem.

  • Threats to Leave the Relationship

It is toxic if you or your Colombian partner threaten to leave the relationship. Threats of abandonment can put a toll on the other partner’s emotions and brings instability to the relationship.

Signs of Healthy Fights

It is possible to have healthy and productive disagreements when you date Colombian women. Here are some signs of a healthy fight in your relationship.

  1. You Listen More

It is normal to want to interject your partner and air your views amid a conflict. However, this will only make things turn sour. Instead, choose to listen actively when your partner is speaking and try to understand what they are feeling.

It helps to attempt to see the world through their eyes and from their point of view. By showing your partner that you understand where they are coming from, you will cool down the argument and appear more of their friend than an enemy.

  • It Brings Out the Better Version of Yourselves

Unlike toxic fights, healthy fights can help you and your partner become better versions of yourselves. This is because the fight helps you to grow, become more aware of yourselves, and develop healthy habits like listening empathetically to each other.

  • You Focus Exclusively on the Issue

If your fights are toxic, you are more likely to experience a “me versus you” scenario rather than a ‘we versus the problem” scenario. This is because each one of you is trying to win the argument.

However, if your fights are healthy, then your conversations are more likely to be geared toward solving the issue at hand. As a result, you won’t see your partner as your enemy but rather, you will be a team.

  • Your Fights Are Respectful

When you meet Colombian women and get into a relationship, fights are inevitable. Therefore, you and your partner should make an effort to remain respectful in the midst of a conflict. Refrain from saying mean and hurtful words that can have consequences. It helps to have conversations about your fights to set ground rules and boundaries when you are in a heated debate.

You and your partner should agree to watch your words no matter how angry you both are. If things are getting out of hand, then you can agree to pause and take things up when you have both cooled down.

  • Using personal Perspective

In healthy fights, you focus more on framing things based on your perspective rather than attacking your partner. This means more of the ‘I’ phrase rather than the ‘You’ phrase. For instance, instead of saying, “You make me very upset because you don’t listen,” you can say, “I often feel upset because I don’t feel heard.”

By framing the conversation based on what you feel rather than what your partner doesn’t do, you will more likely create a safe space for them to also air their concerns without feeling judged.

  • Constructive Criticism

Like dating other girls, criticisms are common in arguments when you pursue a relationship with beautiful Colombia women. However, they become a problem when they are aired in a non-constructive way.

Nevertheless, constructive criticism is a sign of a healthy fight because it focuses on the behavior rather than the person’s character. Usually, this involves starting with encouraging words before making the criticism.

  • You Fight at the Right Place and Time

Fighting at the wrong time and place can lead to more distress and this can escalate the argument. Therefore, it helps to sit down with your partner and agree on the right time and place to voice your concern.

Find a private space away from the children or go for a walk. Scheduling a time also allows you to do self-reflection so you are both prepared for the conversation.


When you are looking to date Colombian single women, understanding relationship conflict can help you determine whether your fights are healthy or toxic.  We hope you can now differentiate healthy conflicts from unhealthy ones, and what you can do to fix them.