Christmas Traditions You Should Know When Dating Colombian Women

Colombian women, as we all know, enjoy celebrating. And Christmas is a big occasion for them! In December, their calendar is jam-packed with activities, family reunions, and plenty of food. Colombians pack Christmas trees, decorations, fireworks, and festivals from Bogota to the Caribbean coastline and then all the way into mountainside communities.

Even if some customs overlap with those present in Peru and Bolivia, Colombia has its own type of Christmas magic. So, in this post, we’ll discuss some of the colorful Christmas traditions in this beautiful country famed for its verdant landscape and delicious coffee.

1. Little Candles’ Day

The official start of Christmas in Colombia is December 7th. This is defined by the ceremony of “Día de las Velitas”, which translates to Little Candles’ Day.

Thousands of little candles in handmade lanterns are queued up along Colombian sidewalks on this day. Colombian girls believe that these lanterns are there to illuminate the way for Mary as she enters people’s homes to delight them.

In the country’s capital, Bogota, the lanterns are put on window ledges and balconies by beautiful Colombian women. Many streets are restricted so that residents can enjoy the city’s festivities and participate in family activities all night.

This level of enthusiasm lasts well into January. This atmosphere is accentuated by “Los alumbrados,” or the Christmas bulbs that illuminate Colombian cities.

2. El Pesebre

El Pesebre is another important Christmas ornament in Colombia that can be spotted all across the country. It translates to “stable,” and it is critical to place the entire nativity scene beside the Christmas tree.

Colombians take El Pesebre to new heights, much like what they do with Christmas lights. It is not only a fixture in private residences but massive installations with complex decorations and figures can be found on streets around the country.

Once El Pesebre is in place, children write a letter to baby Jesus in which they request the Christmas gifts they want. The letter is then placed inside the “arbolito,” with the hope that they will receive the gifts from women in Colombia on Christmas Eve.

3. Novenas

Colombian Christmas customs are also well-known for their prayers. The term novena simply means “ninth,” and it refers to a form of Christmas festivity that takes place over the nine days before Christmas. Having said that, praying the novenas is a fairly common ritual that begins on December 16th.

Colombian families typically conduct these prayer sessions in the company of family and neighbors. Throughout the novenas, the Christmas prayers are either recited individually or jointly and are chanted orally from a book distributed to the attendees. Along with the prayers, folks enjoy a lot of fantastic food and play Christmas music.

4. Christmas Dinner

When you date Colombian women, Christmas in Colombia not only warms people’s hearts but also fills their stomachs. Every year on December 24th, at midnight, the entire family and friends gather around the table to share a fantastic Colombian Christmas meal. There’s always an Asado on the menu, along with chorizos, paella, chicharrones, and plenty of meat.

Without a doubt, they are the most traditional Christmas meals in Colombia, thus when these holidays arrive, they are found in almost every home. They are difficult to find in other places unless you reside in a region with a high concentration of Colombian immigrants.

Natilla, for one, is undoubtedly the most beloved Christmas day snack in the country. It is a milk-based creamy custard delicacy served with other seasonal classics.

Lechona is another classic Colombian Christmas dish. It’s a roasted pig packed with veggies, rice, and seasonings that have been slow-cooked for hours.

Lechona is traditionally eaten with tamales, which are made of corn covered in plantain leaves, and steamed. You can also enjoy traditional dishes such as buñuelos, manjar blanco, and hojuelas.

5. Día de Los Inocentes

If you thought the festivities ended on December 24, you haven’t experienced Christmas in Colombia! On December 28, be cautious of what and who you believe since you could be duped.

On this day, people pull pranks on each other, and TV channels adjust their programming to include a lot of blooper episodes. It’s sort of like the beautiful Colombian equivalent of April Fools when the goal is to make others laugh at your expense.

However, there is a tragic backstory to this celebration. For those who are unfamiliar with the story, King Herod committed atrocities in order to ensure that the newborn Jesus was murdered.

Despite its horrific origins, this is renowned across Colombia girls as a day of jokes and laughter, as well as a day to commemorate childhood. If you find yourself the target of a trick on this day, remember to relax and have fun.

Final Words

Colombia is a country rich in tradition and culture, and many consider Colombian dating culture to be one of the most conservative in Latin America. Sure, each Latin American country contributes its unique spirit and unique delicacies to the Christmas table, but it will never perfectly replicate the flavor of another country.

Colombian Christmas celebrations, like those of most Latin American countries, are loaded with a lot of excitement and food. Colombians love Christmas so much that it’s typical to see decorations, ornaments, and religious icons as early as October.

Have you ever spent the holidays in Colombia? If not, start organizing your vacation to Colombia and look for someone to accompany you. You can try dating a Colombian woman, too! It will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable experiences of your life!