Cultural Differences in Holidays When Americans Dating Latin Women

Like most communities in the USA, Latin women celebrate different holidays throughout the year including Christmas and Thanksgiving. Other great celebrations include Navidad, Dia de Los Muerto, and more. However, being rich in their culture, many Latinos choose to celebrate holidays, particularly Thanksgiving Day following their own traditions.

More Latino families are quickly embracing Thanksgiving in the American culture alongside other American holidays. But are there differences between American culture and Latin culture when it comes to celebrating Thanksgiving? Read this article to learn more about cultural differences, especially if you are looking to win the heart of pretty Latinas. 

How Latinos Celebrate Thanksgiving in the US

Thanksgiving is a part of the Hispanic tradition that involves Latinos coming together to share a plentiful meal and show gratitude for family and friends. It is, therefore, not surprising to smell turkey made by Latin women in most Hispanic homes in the USA.

And, mixing the Hispanic heritage with the American culture is what makes Thanksgiving Day interesting. With a bit of both tradition, the Thanksgiving celebration is completely different from what it was and you can expect less smashed potatoes and traditionally stuffed turkey. 

A widely used term for Thanksgiving in Spanish is Dia de Accion de Gracious while others refer to it as Dia de Dar Gracious. Although residing in the US, Latinos have strong Hispanic roots, which is why they embrace being thankful and sharing during this special holiday. This is despite the fact that this festivity is not widely celebrated in Latin America. 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, you can expect different Latino traditions integrated into their celebrations. Some of these include:

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  • Latin Food

When it comes to dating a Latina, it helps to familiarize yourself with Latin food. Some of the most amazing dishes in Latin culture include tacos, chuchitos, and tortillas.

During special celebrations like Thanksgiving Day, most Latinos Home can’t lack turkey. However, with the mix of heritage with the Americans, Latinos give this dish an American twist by stuffing it with bacon, beef, chorizo, and some pork, rather than the usual stove-top stuffing.

Some Latin dishes also include carnitas, which is popularly known as slow-cooker pulled pork in Mexico. Like the turkey dish, this dish also gives the best of both cultures. Also, for their Thanksgiving celebration, Latinos in the US prepare Arroz, a variety of rice stuffed with different dishes like fried sweet plantain, sweetcorn, beans, peas, and carrots.

Basically, all this serves as a great substitute for mashed potatoes, without taking away from the Hispanic tradition.
Latin women have learned the art of creativity to keep Thanksgiving alive and feel more home away from home. Their passion for cooking delicious meals is what makes Latina women dating interesting. Here is where moms, aunts, and grandmas get the chance to be superwomen in the kitchen. So, whether she chooses to stuff your dish with seasoned peppers or adobo, the trick is to get interesting fusions and incredible flavors of cuisines. 

Thanksgiving cannot be complete without Hispanic desserts that can include a creamy custard with caramel sauce. Another dessert option is churros with warm chocolate dipping sauce, which makes for an interesting dessert to end your meal. 

Something else to know about American Thanksgiving dinner when dating Latin women is that it starts a bit later than usual. While a typical dinner can start at around 5 pm and 6 pm, everyone will settle down at the table at around 9 pm during Thanksgiving. This allows time to partake in other activities like cooking, dancing, and more. Of course, the sound of silverware becomes more evident after saying the Grace.

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  • Latin Music and Dancing

Like food, Latinos have a unique relationship with music during Thanksgiving Day and other celebrations. Most Latina ladies would rather listen to music and dance rather than join their partners to watch football during a Latino Thanksgiving. In this celebration, you can expect to hear the sounds of salsa, bachata, and more. 

Not to mention a lot of dancing throughout the night. When you go out with your Latin girl, be ready to do lots of dancing even with other people. Expect a lively crowd that will not take no for an answer. 

  • Spend Time With Family

If you are wondering how to date a Latina, her family may be a huge part of your life. In addition to cooking, dancing, and listening to bachata music, your Latin girl will most likely spend most of her time with family members. Latinos strongly believe in family and the role it plays in this celebration. Typically, it places a strong emphasis on families and friends coming together to give thanks by presenting gifts and cards. 

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There is no denying that Thanksgiving is a widely celebrated holiday that is quickly gaining acceptance in Latin America. Although how Latinos celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the US is quite different from how they do it back home, it is still important to their culture. In the end, both you and the Latin women your are dating should develop mutual respect when in an intercultural relationship. This relationship can also be successful if you practice open-mindedness.

If you are looking to make your woman happy during this festivity, making or ordering their favorite Thanksgiving dish will go a long way. As part of the dating a Latina survival guide, make sure that you learn about the Latin tradition and identify the best ways to celebrate this holiday with your Latin American woman.