10 Reasons For Unsuccessful Colombian Women Dating

You might be wondering why you’ve never been able to successfully date Colombian women. Maybe you’ve wanted to take your relationship to the next level a few times, but they always end up breaking things off before you can move forward.

It’s not easy to pinpoint the exact reason why you’ve never had a girl and it can be frustrating trying to figure out why. So, here are some things that could be a turn-off for the Colombian ladies you’ve met.

Colombian women dating

You lack confidence

Confidence is important when dating in Colombia, especially since your average Colombian girl finds it attractive when men know how to take the lead. This concerns everything, from asking them out to picking the venue for a date to making more serious decisions.

Of course, they still expect equality in your relationship. No one likes it when their partner acts superior in their relationship. However, you’ll gain more success with Colombian women if you add a bit more confidence to your approach.

You don’t give away enough information

Sure, it’s good to be mysterious and most women do like it. But there’s a thing as too much mystery. Maybe she knows the name of your first pet or which high school you went to. But what about your goals and hobbies?

If you hesitate to share them, then she might not think you like her enough. When you meet Colombian women that you plan on dating seriously, it’s important that you share important personal information that can bring you closer together.

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You share too much information

On the other hand, there is also a thing as too much information. Don’t dump all your childhood stories or problems on her during the first couple or so dates. Overwhelming her with too much information might end up only scaring her away. Not to mention, it takes away the excitement of gradually getting to know you.

You haven’t defined your intentions

Every Colombian woman wants to know if you’re serious about her or if you’re just here to play games. You don’t necessarily have to tell her about your feelings on your first date but it is important to express as simply and clearly as you can what your expectations and intentions are.

Having your intentions laid out can allow you to work together to form a relationship that works for both of you.

You’re stingy with your compliments

It’s always nice for a woman to hear praise and compliments from their man. If you don’t compliment your lady as much as you can, chances are she might start questioning whether you like her enough to stay in the relationship. Some Colombian ladies might even end up thinking that something is wrong with them.

You don’t even need to be too flowery with your compliments. A simple ‘You look good today!’ will be more than enough to brighten up their mood.

Colombian girl

You don’t share the same sense of humor

You might notice a lot of Colombian women dating men who are hilarious. That’s because Colombian women are naturally funny themselves. People in Colombia are generally cheerful and humorous.

If you want to impress your Colombian lady, you need to put your funny side on display. If you have the same humor code and can make her laugh and giggle effortlessly, then that’s a plus in her books.

You shy away from public displays of affection

Colombian ladies love showing their affection in public. This might be different from the culture you’re accustomed to but it is fairly common in Colombian dating culture.

If you immediately move away when she tries to hold your hand in a busy street or give you a kiss in public, then it might only do more harm to your relationship than good.

You don’t give her enough attention

One thing you’ll notice when dating a Colombian woman is that she enjoys being showered with attention. You don’t necessarily have to do grand gestures. Simple things like asking about her day, randomly texting her or taking her out on dates can go a long way in making your relationship work.

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You’re too picky

One reason why you still might not have found the one for you is that you’re too picky. Having standards is good but once you’ve set them too high that it’s become almost impossible for anyone to reach, that’s when you should reflect on yourself a little.

There are so many beautiful Colombian women out there that you might be blind to just because they don’t check off a couple of boxes in your dating criteria.

You don’t go out on dates

You won’t get a date if you refuse to take her out on dates. Texting and calling a woman is not enough to cement a relationship. You should know that dating is crucial to making a relationship work. It’s where all the excitement and chemistry begin.

If you don’t work hard to build the foundation of your relationship, then you might have to give up on hoping to win her heart.

Final Words

The bottom line is that if you want to successfully date Colombian women, or any women at all, you need to respect her and your relationship. Don’t lead her on and be genuine with your actions and emotions.

With all the amazing women in Colombia, you’re sure to find the right one for you eventually.