Golden Rules For Relationships Every Couple Should Remember

Being in a relationship is a fulfilling milestone. You get someone who can complete you in many aspects of your life. However, it also comes with its own set of challenges, which sometimes makes you clueless and for you to seek outside help. Even if you have been through a lot of relationships, you might still face issues since each of them is unique.

What appears to be insignificant at first, such as cultural background, may lead to unforeseen issues later. For example, the things you learned when you dated European ladies may not be applicable to Latin women. They have different cultures and characteristics. For this reason, it is important for us to discuss the “golden rules for relationships” below!

Establish Healthy Communication

Although our adult life is already filled with talks and interactions, we still need healthy communication to keep the relationship going. According to empowerment coach Lorrae Bradbury, it is better to communicate consciously by assessing first the thoughts and emotions and taking accountability when they are expressed.

This means that you have to consider how your partner, the recipient of those expressions, will be affected by the way you choose to communicate. The question now is, “How to start communicating better?” Dr. Marisa T. Cohen, founder of Embracing Change Marriage and Family Therapy, suggested the use of “I” language.

Instead of saying “You’re late”, you can rephrase it to “I was waiting for you”. This shift is a subtle manner of letting your feelings be acknowledged rather than appearing aggressive in a conversation. This can be very effective when dealing with Latin American women, who are known to be passionate and expressive when talking.

Show Empathy And Kindness

Confucius once stated: “Do not do unto others what you would not want others to do unto you.” Therefore, if you want your partner to treat you better, then you have to treat her accordingly. For this reason, Dr. Tina B. Tessina, author of How to Be Happy Partners: Working It Out Together, recommends applying empathy at all times.

Through being empathetic, you will gain more understanding about the root of her negative emotions and thoughts such as feeling drained, irritability, and frustrations. Once you gain that understanding, show an appropriate level of kindness. You’ll be surprised how the beautiful Latin women remember your kindness and return it to you.

Validate And Affirm Each Other

Dr. Cohen explained that validation is beneficial in a relationship wherein the differences between partners are significantly clear. It is probably true that not all times you and your partner will see eye to eye, but it surely maintains peace if you acknowledge each other’s feelings, beliefs, thoughts, and goals.

If you want to take that up a notch, you can affirm each other more often. In this way, you highlight each other’s strengths and goodness instead of just focusing on the many differences that you both have. When you are affirming a Latin woman, emphasize her loyalty and thoughtfulness rather than commenting on her high levels of passion.

Embrace Each Other’s Differences

In connection with validation and affirmation, it is important to recognize which differences are acceptable and which need some work. Some differences that have to be embraced are culture, personalities, experiences, and levels of IQ and EQ.

Why do you need to embrace them? That’s because those things are the facts of life. It’s like asking Latin ladies to become introverts – it is nearly impossible. What you need to do instead is to divert that energy to change things towards the differences that need to be worked on such as habits or practices.

Improve For The Better

You may have seen mature Latina dating younger men and their relationship becomes successful in the long run. This simply tells us that maturity really plays a big role in improving a relationship. At least one of you should have the capability, but it’s ideal if both of you behave as grownups.

Signs of maturity include being adaptable to changes, learning to be open to new experiences, and forgiving faults. Additionally, setting goals, both for personal intentions and for the good of the relationship, and having the drive to achieve them are also pathways toward maturity.

Learn Not To Keep Score

If you are dating a Latina, you might feel pressured to match her level of passion. Unfortunately, this might backfire in your relationship. Dr. Cohen said that it is essential to become flexible about what your partner can contribute. This means that you should not keep a score on who has given more and how much.

Be Thoughtful

When dating Latina women, you must learn to express your love and other positive feelings more with your partner in as many ways as possible. This, over time, will also give you an opportunity to become more thoughtful about your actions.

You can start small, such as laughing at each other’s jokes. Then you can move on to something more unusual and expressive, like dancing the night away, yelling it out in a karaoke club, or starting a healthy tradition for preserving your love. Those thoughtful activities that celebrate love are what keep the fire burning.

Solve Problems Together

Being in a relationship means you and your partner are a team. Therefore, it is only logical to handle things together, including all sorts of problems. The best way to apply teamwork, according to Dr. Tessina, is to discuss and negotiate all the things that need to be handled. You might find some things not in your favor but it is much more beneficial to compromise.


As you begin your quest to find a partner, whether from a Latin woman dating site or from a friend’s gathering party, the aforementioned golden rules are always there to help you have a fruitful and meaningful relationship. Remember to keep them in mind for they can be useful at any given time.