Things Men Can Do to Make Latin Women Feel Safe

Many of us think of ourselves as the good guys, but it is not always easy to objectively reflect on our own behavior. Even though we are not the bad guys, Latin women are increasingly sharing personal tales about negative situations they have had as a result of their gender.

The situation may have evolved from what it was previously. Many men have learned that they should no longer stroll too closely behind when dating a Latina, and many others have followed practical guidelines on how not to be a douche. Even yet, the situation for women has not been great.

Therefore, in this article, we will show you how to make the women around you feel safer and more comfortable at all times.

1. Mind Your Distance

Allowing a woman a safe distance is the first and most crucial approach to making her feel safe around you. If a woman asks you to keep your distance, don’t take it personally. The closer you are, the more likely you are to become a risk for her.

Understand that when a man or someone walks too close to a woman, her ‘radar’ goes off. Even if you have no malicious intent, you must understand that Latin singles have no idea about your personality and hence perceive you as a threat.

Thus, whether you’re heading to your car after doing your weekly shopping or walking home from the bus stop, keep your distance if you’re walking behind a woman. This ensures that you do not want to bother her and that she is safe on her own.

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2. Don’t Stare

As a man, consider the last time you walked down the street and saw a woman. Have you noticed anything? Many of them purposefully avoid looking at you. Do you know why this is happening?

Being stared at is intimidating for most women, and it never feels pleasant. We can see how they intentionally avoid all eye contact, preferring to stare towards some precise spot on the roadside that is not occupied by a male’s presence.

Even if your gaze catches a girl’s attention at a Latin dating site, she will instantly pull away and look elsewhere, doesn’t she? That is not only because the woman is shy, but also because she is concerned about her eyesight.

The reasons given above explain why males should not stare at Latin girls. If you happen to unintentionally look at a female, don’t do so for more than two seconds. It may take some getting used to, but this can be an effective technique to avoid being regarded as a threat by women.

3. Never Catcall

Most hot Latin women have experienced catcalls and never thought of them as praise. Catcalls can range from relatively harmless remarks to outright verbal harassment. And therefore, to avoid annoying any women around, keep your comments to yourself.

This is especially true in circumstances where a lady is alone in public. No matter how harmless the comment appears to be, it can frighten her because it is unsolicited and she never asks for it. Keeping our mouths closed is not that difficult, right?

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4. Escort Your Female Friend

When a female friend, or any woman, asks you to walk her home, always say yes. Do it if you can! When a woman is out in public with someone, she is much less likely to be targeted, thus your presence around her is beneficial.

Yet, don’t see the request as an indication that she’s hitting on you. Nonetheless, you might consider it as a compliment because she believes she is safe around you. Most importantly, you should never use it as an opportunity to engage in inappropriate behavior.

5. Be An Active Bystander

Even in the most crowded public places, such as train stations, supermarkets, and workplaces, Latin ladies face physical and verbal harassment. The terrible part is that when they see a woman being harassed, most people do nothing.

This is why we must challenge ourselves to step outside of our comfort zone and take action anytime we meet Latin women and witness harassment. When they understand that individuals can actually do something about their actions, harassers will reconsider their behaviors.

Even if we don’t see any harassment, being an active bystander may also mean interfering when we observe women being objectified. Objectification and sexualization continue to occur in many places, regardless of background or age group. A simple sentence like “Don’t do that, dude.” or “Hey, don’t be that guy.” can do a great deal.

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You’ve definitely read or heard about many of the frustrating situations that women have had when dating Latin women, especially in the aftermath of the #MeToo movement. The fear is still there for many women, particularly those who have endured assault, and it is not going away.

Clearly, the best thing we can do to make women feel safer and more at ease in our presence is to be the source of their safety. Those weirdos out there will not bother reading this post and learning how to act appropriately around ladies.

The way to a better and safer world for women begins at home, in your own circle. Consider how you speak to and about women, as well as how your friends do. If you can educate your family and friends about this issue, the dream of a world where women feel protected will not be a pipe dream.