Things to Expect When You’re with Colombian Women

When it comes to Colombian women, the lure of their wavy hair and sharp eyesight is probably the first thing that comes to your mind. Even so, when you come to the Gateway of South America yourself and spend some time with them, you will understand that they actually offer so many interesting things beyond their charming beauty and unforgettable personality.

Today, we’ll talk about several important things to expect when you are dating Columbian women, so read on to learn about them in detail!

Be Comfortable with Hugging and Kissing

If you come from an area with people that are rather reserved with their emotions, then you should make some adjustments to your habits because, with Colombians, PDAs are never off the table! They are big fans of holding hands, exchanging kisses, and even cuddling in public.

Whether it is in the street, on a train, or in a mall, you will do these romantic gestures openly when dating in Colombia. On top of that, you should also be ready to give hugs and kisses to all family members, including all the mia and tio you have never met before. For example, when you come to a family meeting, you are expected to greet them and give them hugs and kisses individually.

And, these hugs and kisses with sexy Columbian women don’t only happen on the hello part! If you want to leave a Colombian family event, you cannot just say “Goodbye, everybody!”, open the door, and get away from the venue immediately. Instead, after doing the hugs and kisses part, stay awhile to have a “farewell chat” for at least 10 minutes, then do the same cycle of hugs and kisses again before making a move.

Learn How to Dance

You don’t want to let go every chance you get to get close and personal with beautiful Columbian women, do you? So, besides getting comfortable with A LOT of hugs and kisses, you should teach yourself about letting your muscles loose and mastering several basic salsa and cumbia steps.

Colombians love to move their hips and feet and no one will ever stop them from doing so. When you cannot accompany them to the dance floor, you have to prepare yourself to send them off dancing with some guy from the corner. Thus, unless you want this to happen every time you go to the club or attend a family event, you should take a quick Salsa lesson and be familiar with the basic moves.

Of course, besides learning how to dance, you should also pick some Spanish when you meet Colombian woman. English is not an official language in this country, which is why even when she speaks and understands the language perfectly, chances are many of her family members and friends don’t.

Things Can (And Will) Get Loud

This one is another classic case of cultural differences with Colombian women. While there is still no clear and scientific reason behind this, you will surely see how loud Colombians can be when they are talking, especially if they are in a group!

They are also pretty loud when they are over the phone. So, if you are someone who prefers a quiet atmosphere when you are watching your favorite show on the TV, then you should learn how to politely ask a Colombian woman to move the bedroom when she is talking over the phone. Otherwise, this can be a source of conflict for both of you!

However, despite the loudness, you will love how direct these women are in their communication. There will not be a lot of guesswork involved. When a Colombian girl is interested in you, you will know it immediately through her gesture. They may even be the first one who says that they like you!

Be Prepared to Have a New Family

As you may have learned from previous points, the role of a family is crucial for Colombians and the bonds with extended family members are as important as the immediate ones. That being said, you should not complain if your Colombian partner spends a lot of her time with family relatives. 

Moreover, it seems like the calendar is filled with family dinners, weddings, and religious events. Without a doubt, you need to attend many of these events and she may get upset if you don’t come with her. Don’t worry, though, because they are just the friendliest people on earth, so they will certainly welcome you with open arms.

Another good news is that Colombian gatherings will never run out of local delicacies! Essentially, they will never let you go hungry and will not stop feeding you until you take the buttons of your jeans off.

The Takeaway

If you love to go to different places, you will understand that each culture has something unique to offer, especially when it comes to the women. So, if you are interested in dating a Colombia beauty and want to know what it really feels like to be with one, the guide above will be very useful to you.

Yes, it is hard to deny that these women are passionate, caring, and thoughtful. But, you should note that you don’t wanna be on their wrong side! Forget all the stereotypes (both the good and the bad ones) about them and be open-minded. This way, you will see how special your Colombian date is and be grateful for the experience.