How “Thunberging” Connects Modern Couples

Trends are generally connecting people that share the same interests and views on life. Recently, Thunberging started to get Latin singles together! Thunberging is a modern term that derived from the name of Greta Thunberg, a climate change activist. It refers to people connecting because of their desire and will to change the environment for the better.

According to researches, there was an increase of 240% in climate change mentions on dating profiles in the last two years. In 2019, there was an increase of 800% of Greta Thunberg mentions! That being said, this trend didn’t only gain its popularity rapidly but it seems to be even more popular day by day!

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How can you connect with women through thunberging and what are the advantages of it?

Talk about climate changes

The fact that you care about the environment will be exceptionally attractive to a group of Latin women on Latinas love their countries, nature and they express their love publicly. As a nature keeper, you two will instantly have something in common. As a conversation starter, you can begin some the conversation with climate changes topic. Beware! Before starting to comment on the environment, make sure to know enough about it. If the girl you approach is an activist with extensive knowledge, you will need to know a little more about climate change than everyone else does. In case you don’t and you start talking unprepared, you will seem ignorant. Even worse, she will think that you don’t actually care about nature but you are pretending. In that case, it will be difficult to change the way that the girl sees you. She may even stop talking to you!

Share the same interests

If you both care about nature, you will surely have other things in common. For example, you may like to watch the same TV shows, have similar hobbies and so on. Two people with the same interests can understand each other easily and get along instantly! Apart from using to talk about the negatives of the climate changes, talk about the positives as well! Thus, tell your Latina girl about your favorite natural wonders and places to visit. If she likes what you are saying, she will contribute to the conversation and share her interests as well. Gradually, you will get very comfortable with each other! If you connect well, you can even plan a picnic or a trip to one of the destinations that you talked about. Also, you can go hiking, cycling, swimming and enjoy everything that nature gave us.

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Be compassionate and considering

As someone who cares about our planet, you are surely compassionate about everything else as well. When two compassionate and considering people get in a relationship, they truly care about one another. Taking into consideration the feelings of your loved one is crucial for a healthy relationship. Even before getting into a relationship, you and your Latina woman will form a fond friendship. During that period, you will learn about each other and know how to treat one another. As your friendship upgrades to a relationship, you will use everything you know to be the best partners! Generally, people that care about factors that not everyone cares about are very compassionate and empathetic. Thus, you will surely treat each other with a lot of respect and love that will keep your relationship comfortable and happy.

Encourage your Latina to make a difference together

When you start thunberging, you can motivate your Latin girl to make a difference. Also, you should offer your support and make her feel that you will help her make a difference! Women love encouraging men, men that care about other things unconditionally. As you support her, she will not be able to resist but think of you as her potential husband. Making a change together will strengthen your bond significantly. Those changes could be participation in a local climate change conference, volunteering, planting and more. Your girl needs to feel that you can function as partners. Achieving great goals together will be an insurance card for your future! Your Latina will think that you will surely function well when it comes to other life situations. Those thoughts will lead her to want to get closer to you.

Be open-minded

Generally, only open-minded people care about the environment and think about the future of our planet. You can show your girl that you truly are open-minded by opening some serious topics on a date. There are many topics that you could use to express your thoughts when you approach a girl on For example: prejudice, social media, gender equality, peace… Any of those topics can make you shine in her eyes! As an open-minded person, you should always put happiness and peace on top of your priorities. Basically, everyone can do whatever makes them happy, unless they are hurting someone. Every woman will like that mindset, especially climate change activists! If you show her that you are open-minded and caring enough, she will be eager to find out more about you.

Thunberging is, in fact, a positive dating trend that unites people willing to make a change. Since caring about the earth is a positive trait that everyone should possess, people that get in relationships through thunberging have a great chance to succeed together!

Use thunberging to connect to girls with similar interests and make a change together! Not only will you establish a stable relationship but you will do something good for our planet. You will cherish your common achievements and keep your relationship exciting, happy and healthy!

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