LatamDate: Better Ways to Communicate with People You’ve Just Met According to Science reviews recent scientific studies that show how to communicate with people you’ve just met and the psychological benefits of these encounters.

Online dating can be a little daunting, nerve-wracking and down-right scary for some people. A lot of people simply don’t know what to say to complete strangers, are afraid to make a bad impression, or can’t think of good conversations starters, and this holds them behind when dating online.

However, recent research suggests that the best way to overcome one’s inhibitions about communicating with online strangers is to start communicating with the average stranger on the street. This might sound odd, but in overcoming the simple “hello” to the new co-worker or person on the bus is the first step in boosting your own self-esteem and positive energy.


In one study, one group of people were asked to interact with a coffee shop barista while another group remained quietly efficient. Reports show that the group that interacted with the barista had elevated mood levels and felt a sense of belonging.

Moreover, further research shows that the more active one practices speaking to strangers, the more comfortable they become with the idea and the better at general conversing they become. One can actually alter their personalities slightly in becoming more extroverted in practicing the act of socialization.

Having this in-person practice prior to engaging in online conversations would certainly help, but it shouldn’t be a hindrance. With so many new strangers at your fingertips, you have the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation with anyone you might fancy. The key is to push past those nerves and just do it.

Most times, you are better at communicating than you think, and in all actuality, people want to get to know the real you, so they have the opportunity to express and show you the real them. Especially Latina women who are passionate and friendly and desire a bold man to talk to them so they can enjoy exciting conversations.

Helpful Communication Tips when Talking to Strangers

To get you over the nervous speedbumps, reflect on these few tips:

  1. latamdate revealBe Brave, Just Do It

Think about that huge sigh of relief once you have taken the first step and initiated the conversation. Don’t focus or worry about what the person is going to say, they are going to like you probably more than you think.

Latin women like confident men, think instead of all the wonderful cultural experience you may gain from getting to know beautiful Latina women by taking the risk and communicating with them.

  1. Ask questions

If you find something interesting about a person in their profile, pictures, or chat, ask them specific questions about what is interesting to you. Research shows that people who ask questions have better conversations.

  1. Talk about something you have in common

If you get tripped up in conversation, see if there is something in her profile that shows a similarity between the two of you and try to figure out what other similarities you both share.

  1. Have multiple conversations

The fun and exciting part of online dating is getting the chance to talk and meet a lot of people. This is your opportunity to actually spend the time and get to know many people in your search for someone to establish a more meaningful relationship. In your search, take this time to practice communicating and meeting lots of people. This can be fun and rewarding and you can learn about different cultures.

  1. Laugh at awkward moments

Everyone has awkward moments in online conversations, even more so with language differences, but if you can laugh at yourself and not take things too seriously this will ultimately make you feel better in the long run and keep your energy levels high and your confidence strong.

People are social creatures. We need other people to feel alive and well. Putting aside our own fears can be the hardest obstacle in connecting with one another and learning to communicate more effectively, but like with anything else in life, science has shown us in numerous studies that practice does make perfect. It is in that first step, that first answered hello, and that first returned text that we gain the self-confidence to continue.

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