LatamDate: Enjoy Christmas in Colombia with a Colombian Beauty Early December

Colombian celebrations begin in early December. The first event that you can take part in with your Columbian beauty is ‘Día de las Velitas’ or ‘Day of the little Candles’. This takes place on the evening of the 7th of December. Colombia is a highly Catholic country and most of their traditions are based on the religion. For the day of the little candles many homes will put out many little candles in front of their home and light the street for them to light the way for the virgin Mary to come and bless them. There are many lanterns and other lights lit up for Latina Girls to enjoy a beautiful walk down the street. This day is celebrated around the world as the day of the immaculate conception but it most popular in Colombia. What better time than the Christmas season to find someone on dating chat sites. is the perfect place to chat with Colombian girls. Why not send them a Christmas greeting?

Columbian beauty

Mid December

From December 16th until Christmas eve most Colombians will participate in Novenas. They will go to a different persons place each night and pray and celebrate together. They decorate their homes with many decorations their most common one is their red and white candles. But like most other countries worldwide they include the nativity scene as part of it. With the strong Catholic following in Colombia this part of it holds more importance than it still does around the world. Evident in the fact that earlier in the month the children write letters to Jesus rather than Santa to ask for their gifts. There is a big importance put on family in this season. With such a high importance on family there is often a high volume of Latin women seeking men.

All the way through Novenas and particularly on Christmas there is a lot of food to be consumed. Every night there are tables full of tasty Colombian treats. So, if you manage to find yourself any single Latin girls and they take you home to partake in some of their traditions be sure that you arrive with an empty stomach and a good appetite. While the tradition of eating too much food is common around the world the types of foods that are put out will be traditional Colombian. Buñuelos, fried balls of flour, Tamales and rice pudding.

Over these 9 days many Colombians will take part in Mis Aguinaldos which is a series of games played by children and adults. Tres Pies and Al Si y Al no are two of the more popular ones. Tres Pies which translates to 3 feet is where you must get your foot on the ground between someone else’s feet and yell “Tres pies Mis Aguinaldos,” to score yourself the point. For Al Si y Al No one person is Si (Yes) And one is no (No) and they cannot say that word they will be asked questions and if you get them to say the word they are not supposed to you score the point. With the person who scores the most points over the 9 days receiving their reward on Christmas eve and the person with the least points receiving their punishment.

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Christmas Eve

The main meal is eaten on Christmas Eve and the amount of food consumed with have you wondering how these gorgeous Colombian girls keep their figure. As well as the previous mentioned food their will, be much more. Including one of the countries most favoured snacks the nutilla which is a set custard resembling a flan. There will also likely be some Manjar blanco, a milky spread and hojuelas which are a battered and flakey snack. Along with all these you will find ham and turkey and traditional stuffed pork and chicken soup.

So, take the time to get in touch with some beautiful Latin American ladies to spend the Christmas period with. Enjoy some new Christmas traditions.

After this large meal on Christmas eve they will attend a midnight mass. Several people stay up all night and don’t sleep at all and therefore Christmas is traditionally a day of resting and eating. They have done most of their celebrating in the two weeks leading up to Christmas. While several Colombian traditions may differ from your own, two of the central celebrations are of family and food is common around the world. The centre of it all for a heavily Catholic culture is the church and religion and prayers which many other cultures have strayed away from.

Late December

Even when Christmas is over the celebrations do not stop. On the 28th of December they celebrate Innocence day which is celebrated in a similar way to Western cultures April Fools day. The traditions of being with family and have a good time continue through the month. You will find that beautiful Latin American women will continue to enjoy themselves. The TV stations also take part and show bloopers and mistakes that people have made throughout the year. The whole country celebrates by pulling pranks and having a good time. It is a great way to keep spirits up between Christmas and the new year.

With a full month of festivities taking place there is so much to take part in. Now is the best time to make contact and wish a Colombian woman happy holidays.