LatamDate: Here Is What To Do If Your Colombian Beauty Stopped Responding To Your Message

There are times when everything seems going well between you and your Colombian beauty, the sparkles and the chemistry, but all too sudden she goes silent. Messages that takes her a few minutes to respond before remains unattended to for days. While it may be difficult to tell exactly what went wrong, it is possible to revive a dead conversation. Your first and major challenge would be how to get back her attention. It is not easily but still possible. So, if you are in this boat know that your situation is not entirely hopeless.

There are myriads of reasons that may lead to communication lag. However, the most popular of them all is that Latina girls usually get a lot of messages and your one may get lost in the pool. Modern dating is a game of numbers which explains why people rarely put all their eggs in one basket. Nonetheless, the moment you transition to offline, you need to cut down the number. There is also the possibility that she may not want to get too deep into a relationship too soon. No matter what the case may be, here are a few things you can try if she suddenly stops replying your message.

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Important considerations before attempting to revive a dead communication

Before trying to get her to reply to your message on dating chat sites, it is important to ask yourself is she is really worth it. If you are dating her for a purpose greater than dating, the break communication gap can provide you with valuable opportunity to reassess your compatibility. Here is how;

1. Check your percentage match

Beautiful Latin American women always leave clues on their profile that will help you to determine your percentage match. The rule of thumb suggests that you should go for a 70% match or higher. Lower percentages suggest significant difference in religion, politics, lifestyle habits and so on. Although they may seem not to matter but in the long-term, they will ultimately determine how much of her company you will want.

2. Age variation

Latin women seeking men for long-term relationship usually have an age range in mind —likewise you. If it happens that you are about 3 years outside her expectations, you should proceed with caution. Large difference in age is one of the common reasons why she may ignore your messages.

3. Time difference and distance

Let’s face it, long distance relationship can be very stressful. You may have to travel all the way to see her and vice versa. Not every gorgeous Colombian girls like that. As the distance expands, so will the time difference. When your night becomes her day, it is likely that you will be chatting her up when she may be busy at work. This may be another genuine reason why she is not replying your message.

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Things you can try to get her response

After checking the boxes and you discover that you want to me more than just online dates with your single Latin girls, there are a few steps you should take to get her attention and make her reply your messages. They are highlighted below.

#1. Send a message that will make a personal connection

To be able to make a personal connection, check her profile for a launching pad. If there is a trait that she mentioned in her profile which she is craving for, show her that you are ready to fill that vacuum. For example, if beautiful Latin American ladies make it obvious in their profile that they love guys that make them laugh, you can send her a joke.

Dating expert Julie Spira suggests that you should avoid the temptation of asking for an explanation. She doesn’t owe you an explanation regardless of the length of time both of you have been messaging together. The more indignant you get, the more likely you will be chasing your match away than making her want to rekindle the communication dip.

#2. Give her time, then send a casual message

When you try to start a chat with Colombian girls, and they fail to respond, don’t go bombarding them with follow up messages. It is normal for you to panic but doesn’t make it too obvious. It is uncool to mention the time that since her last response. Give her a break for at least a weak then strike a casual conversation as if the gap never existed. If there is a TV show or music band you share an interest, ask for their thoughts on the coming episode or album.

Know when to draw the line

When you try all your possible best, and your match still fails to reply, the best option is to move on. A response without a commitment might just be because they are trying to be polite. Not all dead conversation can be revived after all — but at least you will know that you have tried.