How Do Latin American Girls Celebrate Christmas

If you’re planning to date Latin American girls this Christmas, then you’d better be aware of how much of a big deal Christmas is in their culture. Coming from Christian or Catholic backgrounds, these beautiful Latin girls are very much entrenched into their culture which means that they are quite strict when it comes to their traditions. That’s why you need to be the one to adjust and learn the way they celebrate– especially if they plan to let you meet their families.

On your end, plan ahead and read on about these 5 popular ways Latina women celebrate the holidays:

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Christmas Food

First up is the food that comes with the holiday festivities. Ask anyone dating a Colombian girl about what it’s like meeting the family during the holidays and they’ll tell you about the spread that her mother makes. When you visit a Colombian girl’s home during the holidays, expect dishes like bunuelos, manjar blanco, ojuelos, and natilla. All of these are special holiday desserts that you can only find during the holidays. And the best part is that you can eat as much as you want. In fact, you’re encouraged to eat as much as you want as Colombian mothers just love watching their guests eat and get satisfied. (Read also: Tips to Impress a Colombian Beauty Without Trying Too Hard

Little Candle’s Day

This is an event that is usually celebrated way before Christmas eve. It is celebrated sometime on the evening of December 7 which is the evening of Immaculate Conception. This is especially true for Colombians. If you want to date beautiful Colombian girls, you need to take note of this ceremony because you need to free your schedule in order to go with your woman. What exactly do you do in this ceremony, anyway?

Well, basically you light small candles on paper lanterns and place them all around the area. They are usually placed on windows, parks, roads, and pretty much anywhere where people walk by. Also, roads are closed so that people can watch these candles and place their own ones. It’s actually a lovely family tradition that many Latin families spend time doing together. If you want to score some points with your Latina lover, then make sure you also participate.

Extravagant Christmas Lights

Sure, Christmas lights are a pretty big deal no matter what country you go to. However, they are extra special in Latin cultures. As compared to most other cultures, the Christmas lights you’ll see in Latin countries are much more extravagant and have themes. For instance, if you go to Medellin, the lights usually tell the story of a girl named Paloma who crossed the River of Peace. Other Latin areas have their own themes but they all pretty much circle around the same type of Christmas theme.

How does this affect your dating life? Well, ask any author of “how to date a Colombian woman” guides and they’ll tell you that giving them things that remind them of their birth home can really score you big points.

Christmas lights are a big thing for Latin women since that is what they grew up with. When going back home for the holidays, you’ll be treated to some amazing lights from her hometown. But if you decide to stay put for the holidays, try to make her happy by putting up as many Christmas lights as possible.

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Latin people, Colombians and Dominicans in particular, have this tradition of making people work for their Christmas treats. So during the end of Christmas eve, expect an event called the Aguinaldos. These are basically games that you play as part of the festivities.

Some of the games include the tres pies wherein you need to make sure that your opponent does not place their foot between yours. If they do, you lose. This is just one of the games that you can play. There are many others as well such as beso robado or pajita en boca. In any case, if you want to go get into a relationship with Latin dating girls, you need to prepare yourself for these games. Take note that Latin people take these games pretty seriously so you better be ready!


Last on the list is the Novena. Although hot Dominican Women may seem pretty free-flowing and open minded, one thing they won’t ever let go of are their Christian traditions. One of these Christmas traditions is the Novena. The Novena is a series of prayers that are recited on each of the nine days right before Christmas.

And this event is a pretty big thing because it is one of the few times when families and friends meet in order to eat together and sing Christmas songs. Of course, the praying goes without saying. Always remember that the Novenas start on the 16th day of December and will end on Christmas eve itself.


If you plan to meet Latin women online this December and spend Christmas with them, it really pays to know about how they spend their Christmas. As their culture and traditions are deeply ingrained into them, you may want to also get to know about these traditions so that you can enjoy them with your Latina lover.

And these are 5 of the most common ways that Latinas spend their holidays. You need to take note of these if you want to get some brownie points and impress your lady!