How to Keep Dating Sexy Latinas During Quarantine

The current pandemic has brought an additional downside: forcing single bachelors and the sexy Latinas they date into quarantine. These uncertain times are tough for everyone right now. People have been forced inside and social interaction halted providing almost no opportunity to meet new potential romantic interests. This is a tough break for those in the dating game who spend their single nights inside scrolling through social media posts of cute dates from couples holed up together. With the lack of bars and restaurants, meeting up with people is impossible and it would be easy to believe that the dating pool has dried up. However, eligible bachelors out there shouldn’t panic. A mere pandemic can’t stop the forces of human love (or lust!) and dating has evolved to take place online with apps, websites and virtual dates. Although you may not be able to physically meet a sexy someone, there is still a chance to find love in the time of corona.

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Online dating has been a key player in the dating world for a long time now. This study from the Pew Research Center shows that in America, around 30% of adults have used a dating app. Naturally, this figure differs based on demographics, particularly with age as almost 50% of adults aged 18-29 have used a dating app. The study also shows that 28% of Hispanics have used a dating app which means there are plenty of Latina singles interested in forming a connection online. Surprisingly, the quarantine has led to a huge increase in these numbers and therefore, a much bigger pool of potential romantic connections. As members of the public in badly affected areas such as San Francisco and New York began to lock down and self-isolate in mid-March, Bumble recorded up to a 26% increase in sent messages[]. Single men interested in navigating the online dating landscape can use this opportunity to login to some online dating apps like tinder, bumble and hinge, or even try the new online dating service Quarandate which matches up singles for online dates. Alternatively, update your profile on the best Latin dating sites to get the ball rolling.

Time in quarantine could bring up some unexpected opportunities that are beneficial to your love life. Pandemic or not, humans need connection and interaction with others. When isolated by themselves or even with family, there will be plenty of beautiful Latina women feeling lonely and missing the attention they usually receive on a day to day basis. As they start to crave affection, they will be jumping online to dating websites or logging in to their favorite Latin dating app. Now is an ideal time to start chatting with the lovely ladies you meet online. Their feelings of isolation, boredom and vulnerability will result in them being more open and chattier. You can be their online hero as your virtual company will save them from feeling so alone and take their mind off any corona concerns. Even better, while sitting at home, there will be no disruptions or distractions from friends, work or social activities, so they’ll always be free to answer your messages.

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Once you’ve made it on to a Latin dating app, you might be concerned about what you should speak out in such a rocky climate. The truth is, the corona virus is at the forefront of everyone’s mind and each person has a unique experience and perspective. The virus therefore serves as a great ice breaker. The first step is finding out whether you and your Latina love share similar views about the pandemic. Beyond that, however, is much more interesting. For once, people have an abundance of time and finding out how they’re spending it can tell you a lot about who they are. You’ll discover their likes, interests and hobbies which will help you figure out whether you’ll be compatible in the real world. If you’re an active guy and your new romantic interest has spent the last few weeks watching Netflix, you’ll know to move on to the other Latina women that have caught your eye. The best part about this extended period of online dating is that you can determine whether you click with someone without having to spend the time or money on an extravagant date.

Another thing to look out for is how your matches are dealing with the stress of the virus and pandemic situation. There are always going to worrying situations in life and finding out how your potential partner reacts now can save a lot of grief in the future. Having a rational reaction that makes sense to you is an important quality to find in your future Latina wife.

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Talking for an extended period before meeting may feel a bit old-fashioned, especially since, if things go well, you’ll know a lot about each other before becoming intimate. Online dating offers a rare opportunity to take it slow which often leads to a stronger relationship overall. You have a chance to forge a real connection with some great Latin American women based largely on their personality. Additionally, the wonders of modern technology mean you can invite your romantic interest on virtual dates that go beyond a facetime call. Eat dinner together over video chat, play games together or even use features like Netflix party to watch the same show


Of course, despite the potential dating opportunities you find in quarantine, missing the physical intimacy will be tough. The best thing to do is keep your head up and continue enjoying the Latino dating experience from home so that when you finally do meet, sparks will fly.