The Facts Behind Why Latin Women Love Funny Guys

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Have you heard the old saying that goes “Those who can make Latin women laugh will take them home.”? It is okay if you never heard about it because we only made it up. Even so, the fact that women love guys with a great sense of humor is 100% real, and we will learn why!

Humor and Relationship

Are you dating a Latina this weekend? If you answered yes, then you will surely want to polish your witticism a bit beforehand. A recent US study revealed that a man will get a better chance of scoring a long-term relationship when he makes more effort to be funny.

If the two parties can laugh at one particular thing, there is a big chance that the date will turn into something more serious and committed. A 2012 research from Nicholson suggests that when a man and a beautiful Latina share humor and laughter, they have a stronger bond.

When it comes to relationships, we should also keep in mind that humor is not only expressed through jokes and funny stories. Pleasant teasing and flirting are also forms of humor in a relationship, and they, without a doubt, make one more exciting and endurable.

The Importance of Humor for Latin Women

Now that you have learned how a great sense of humor is a must-have trait in a relationship, it is time to learn why funny guys can instantly capture the hearts of Latino girls. Read on because these lessons are very important for you!

1. Stress Reliever

We all know how good it feels to be able to laugh out loud after a day of long and heated meetings at the office. It feels like half of the weight we carry is dropped in just a few seconds, right? That is, in reality, is more than just a feeling.

When we laugh, we lower the amount of cortisol in our system. When this happens, we immediately feel more relaxed. On top of that, laughter also boosts the production of oxytocin, which is the human hormone for connection.

2. Emotional Intelligence

A good sense of humor also signals another important trait of a high-quality man: emotional intelligence. As you may have noticed from the people around you, not all of those who are smart have that wittiness. But, those with wittiness are somehow always smart.

The thing is, when you meet Latin women, they will always go for high-quality men. When a man displays a good sense of humor, a woman will see that this person has a good ability to understand something from different perspectives and connect with others better.

3. Not Taking Things Too Seriously

A man is responsible for a lot of things in a relationship, which is why he must take things seriously. Even so, there is a clear limit between taking things seriously and taking things TOO seriously. The latter, unfortunately, indicates that you lack the capacity to be a good partner.

On the surface, your ability to shoot a few good jokes can be so simple. But, if you think more about it, it shows that you have that empathy and social awareness. More importantly, you have that exact capacity to lower your ego and let your partner see your vulnerable side.

4. Interesting Conversations

One should never underestimate a person’s ability to keep a conversation interesting and going the right way. When a man is good at making jokes throughout a dialogue, this will keep Latina ladies on their toes and make them constantly anticipate what’s coming next in the conversation.

This ability is not only valuable in the context of making conversations. More importantly, when a man has the ability to subvert expectations, it tells Latin women for dating that he also has the capacity to quickly observe the situation and make a judgment, which can be beneficial in numerous contexts.

The Takeaway

Don’t worry if you don’t have a six-pack abdomen to impress Latin women or lack a dazzling smile because it appears that in the world of Latin ladies dating, as long as you can crack her up here and there, things will still be okay. In fact, scientists have agreed that a good sense of humor is the number one key to a woman’s heart.

When you are out with a Latin beauty, encourage yourself to make jokes about the things around you and always let your natural wit shine through your conversations with her. Other than showing how confident you are about yourself, a good sense of humor will also help you to break the ice and warm things up a bit.