Study Shows Which Professions Get More Messages from Women

You don’t necessarily need to have one of the highest-paying jobs to land more dates, but only as long as you have one of these “attractive” professions. Why “attractive”? Because men who mention these five jobs on their dating profiles tend to get more messages from the ladies than men who mention other professions.

How Your Job Matters on an Online Dating Site

There’s a new study, which was conducted by researchers who surveyed more than 100,000 online dating site users, showing that there are specific jobs that attract more interests from the opposite sex on dating sites and apps.

If you’re standing at the crossroads and don’t know which career to pursue or think that not mentioning your job at all is the safest bet, you should definitely use the findings of the study to increases messages from Latin women on


Sure, the overall appearance of your dating app, your looks, your profile bio, images, and other elements of your dating profile matter, too, but this new study has established a direct connection between men’s professions and the number of messages they’re receiving from the ladies.

The study did not specify why the following five professions for men attracted the most interest from women, but the earning potential could be one of the factors.

These 5 Men’s Jobs Attract More Women on Dating Apps

If you think being a professional footballer, athlete, swimmer, boxer, or a musician or actor can make any woman on a dating site swoon, you might want to think again. Because, as it turns out, these are the men’s careers that land more dates – or at least get more messages from women – on dating sites:

  • latin womenLawyer (inbound message increase by 135 percent);
  • Physician (86 percent);
  • Entrepreneur (46 percent);
  • Business owner (19 percent); and
  • Engineer (1 percent).

Thus, it is safe to assume that women show a strong preference for lawyers because they know how to stand their ground, they’re good with the words, and they tend to earn more than other professions. In terms of attractiveness in the women’s eyes, male physicians, self-made businessmen, and entrepreneurs also scored high compared to men who mentioned other professions.

Interestingly, the study also analyzed how women’s jobs affected their attractiveness on dating sites. The research showed that female engineers, physicians, lawyers, business owners, and entrepreneurs received more messages from men than the average female user of a dating platform.

Men’s Professions That Impress the Ladies

If it’s a bit too late to attend the law or medical school and you didn’t find your job on the list above, in no way does it mean that women will skip your online dating profile when looking for a potential partner on a dating site.

Although statistically speaking a male dating site user is more likely to land a date if he’s a lawyer, doctor, business owner, entrepreneur, or engineer, having a profession that meets the following criteria is also good:

  • Jobs where the man is the leader;
  • Jobs where the man is doing something masculine; or
  • Jobs that require confidence and social skills.

Although mentioning your job is not a mandatory element of filling out a dating profile, mentioning any of the five jobs that we’ve mentioned earlier and/or the job that meets the above criteria can make you make attractive in the eyes of women on dating sites.

When mentioning your profession in a profile bio, make sure that you do it briefly without having to bore the woman who’s reading it. If you mention your job in a way that makes it seem as if you’re bragging about it or you write about it more than necessary, it could have the opposite effect on women.

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